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NovaCorp is a Yamataian manufacturing company, producing, weapons, space craft and other products.


In YE 26 a group of scientists purchased a mining license from the Yamatai Star Empire in order to explore the Kohana Cloud under the false impression that a new element with unique properties could be found within its heart. This fabled material turned out not to exist, however the group began a mining operation to sustain their search and from this came the foundations of NovaCorp (which due to an early administrative argument is on occasion referred to as 'The Nova Corporation'). A wise early investment on purchased ships from the Zero Fleet gave them a Horizon-class Colony Ship, YSS Horizon, to operate out of and the fortuitous arrival of the eccentric genius Ephesus provided them a ready source of new technology. With this NovaCorp changed its operation - from a empty goal to having none at all. Instead it began to use its ever increasing resources to begin an enigmatic but ultimately benevolent scheme with an internal administration system beyond comprehension. Some have theorized that NovaCorp's only wish is to be used.

In YE 34 the company was acquired by the Tamahagane Corporation and is now being overhauled.

In YE 35 the Corporation began upgrading the company facilities, and work started on revitalizing the product line.

Information about NovaCorp

Company Statistics
Established YE 26
Employees 20,349 (Horizon), 16,000 (Hephaestus Clusters) โ€ฆ
Associated Factions Yamatai (Planet)
HeadQuartersKohana Cloud
Nomenclature IDNo-
NicknamesNova/The Corporation/The Nova Corporation


Hephaestus Clusters
Cluster 1Hephaestus 1-5Active
Cluster 2Hephaestus 6-10Active
Cluster 3Hephaestus 11-15Active
Cluster 4Hephaestus 16-20Active
Cluster 5Hephaestus 21-25Active
Cluster 6Hephaestus 26-30Active
Cluster 7Hephaestus 31-35Active
Cluster 8Hephaestus 36-40Active
Cluster 9Hephaestus 41-45Active
Cluster 10Hephaestus 46-50Active
Cluster 11Hephaestus 51-55Active
Cluster 12Hephaestus 56-60Active
Cluster 13Hephaestus 61-65Active
Cluster 14Hephaestus 66-70Active
Cluster 15Hephaestus 71-80Active

OOC Notes

NovaCorp was founded July 16, 2004.

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