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NovaCorp Outreach Department

The powers that be within NovaCorp (whose exact identity is unknown due to its rather chaotic infrastructure) slowly came to the realisation that while their designers โ€“ primarily Ephesus โ€“ were doing an excellent job of designing technology there was a vast well of potential talent which was being untapped. While these individuals might not want to become part of the NovaCorp family, they might well wish to use the assets of the corporation to make their dreams come true โ€“ something which could be highly advantageous to both NovaCorp and these freelance designers.

The culmination of this line of thought led to the โ€˜NovaCorp Outreach Departmentโ€™, headed by the enigmatic humanoid Ovren (no second name known). Operating both within the Horizon and aboard a modified Mersina GPC the Outreach Department is willing to listen to any or all proposed designs, and those that it considers to have the potential to at least break even will be processed and creased โ€“ with shared ownership rights between the NovaCorp and the designer. Indeed NovaCorp will even help to improve the design with a friendly construction team (not including Ephesus), and offers potential or ongoing designers accommodation on the Horizon or modified Mersina.

In order to contact the Outreach Department it is simply necessary to contact Kip on the Horizon or Ovren on his ship with the name of the designer, his credentials (preferred but not overwhelmingly necessary) and a detailed outline of the design. If accepted the Mersina will offer to pick up the designer.

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