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New Players Guide πŸ”°

We're really glad that you're joining Star Army, or at least thinking about it. This guide is going to give you all the most important information that you need to know about Star Army and guide you through some initial setup.

What is Star Army?

Star Army is a primarily a community for role-playing, writing, and world-building. We create characters and try to imagine being in their situations, writing their dialogue, thoughts, and actions. We're also constantly creating new parts of our shared world.

The core element of our universe is the Star Army of Yamatai, a military force reminiscent of those you might see in popular science fiction media or anime. Yamatai is part of several playable factions in the Star Army setting, each of which has its own flavor, roleplay opportunities, and technologies.

Star Army can sometimes contain mature themes, so we only allow adults (people 18 or older) to join.

The Setting

Earth is merely a legend at this point in the far future. Instead, Star Army takes place in a huge galaxy called Kagami. The Kagami Galaxy is largely unexplored by the playable factions, which share a particularly fertile corner of the galaxy called the Kikyo Sector.


Common technologies in the Star Army setting include FTL drives, androids, synthetic life, brain-uploading, aetheric energy, nanomachines, forcefields, and 3D holograms.


The common galactic standard language is called Trade. Other languages can be found here: Languages

Playable Factions

You can make characters in any faction you like and in as many factions as you life. Your options are:

  • Yamatai: a young transhuman utopia with its powerful Star Army, which fights to preserve order in the sector
  • Nepleslia: an ancient cyberpunk nation where survival is only guaranteed by your gun skills (it's not actually guaranteed)
  • New Dusk Conclave: a recently-created nation of outcasts from Yamatai and Nepleslia, now forging their own identity
  • Independent: Because you think laws are for chumps

Some of these playable factions have sub-factions and subcultures within them, such as the Elysian Celestial Empire and megacorporations like Origin Industries.

Recent Events

Joining Roleplays

We recommend joining Open Roleplaying threads the day you join. You're here to RP, right? You don't need any prior approvals to join Open RPs. That's what makes them open. You can find them in the Open Roleplaying forum. You can also make your own thread. We suggest posting an interest check in the OOC and Plot Planning forum to find partners prior to starting it. There's also a #looking4rp channel on our Discord server to arrange RPs.

Star Army has an excellent guide to roleplaying here: Roleplaying.

There's some long-term RPs we call plots, and they're listed here: plots. When plots are seeking players they post what they're looking for here: Characters Wanted. You can creating a character for your favorite plot or for general use.

Current Open RPs

These are the latest topics in the Open RP forum (with the time of the latest post in parentheses):

Adding to The Setting

In addition to adding to the Star Army Universe with roleplaying, you can also submit pages to become a permanent part of Star Army's lore and canon.

Play With Privacy

You do not have to provide a real name to participate (See Important Privacy Note - "Real Name" Field on the Wiki). You do not have to provide your gender or location. We take your privacy seriously and will protect it to the best of our ability. For full privacy details, see Privacy Policy.

Your Checklist

Here's what we recommend:

  1. Read the Site Rules
  2. Register an account on the forum (look for β€œRegister” near the top right)
  3. Register a wiki account link (this is separate from your forum account)
    • Note: You don't have to provide your name1)
  4. Post an introduction in Introductions and New Players
  5. Join the Discord server and say hello. Usually there's someone available to mentor you through character creation.
  6. Make your first character: See Creating A Character (Feel free to ask questions on Discord as you do it)
  7. Join any Open RP thread

Questions and Assistance

Getting into Star Army is easiest when you ask someone to mentor you through it, and we're happy to do that! If we haven't volunteered yet, just ask! You've got questions: there are many ways to get answers or help:

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