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Kuvexian War

The Kuvexian War is the current name of an armed conflict between the Yamatai Star Empire and the Interstellar Kingdom Of Kuvexia and their various vassal states and species. It began in YE 38 and ended in YE 43.

Damaged Mindy in YSS Eucharis Mission 26

Origins of the War

In YE 36, the YSS Eucharis found a crashed starship full of Rixxikor. After a violent first contact, the Yamatai Star Empire gained the attention of the Interstellar Kingdom of Kuvexia, which had been using Rixxikor as cannon fodder. King Kalapom declared that Yamatai was a nuisance and ordered the Kuvexian Military to begin invasion plans.

By early YE 37 Kuvexians had established a forward operating starbase and their ships were depositing Rixxikor in Yamatai Space on planet Higaflan in the Higaflan star system. The Star Army engaged in direct combat with Kuvexian Navy ships. Later that year, the Star Army also encountered a Rixxikor colony ship in the Nougfran System.

In YE 38, conflicts escalated when the Rixxikor mounted an attack on the YSS Eucharis, attempting to steal it. The Eucharis retaliated by destroying the Graxlat scrapyard where the Rixxikor colony ships were being made. Following this, the Star Army First Expeditionary Fleet mounted a large attack on the Kuvexian Navy's forward operating starbase. This large, direct attack on the Kuvexians led to the start of the war.

Yamatai Declares War

In YE 38, Star Army of Yamatai, under Taisho Ketsurui Yui, declared war on the Interstellar Kingdom of Kuvexia1).

Text of the Declaration


1) The Interstellar Kingdom of Kuvexia has made known threats of imminent invasion of the Yamatai Star Empire, which have been relayed by its Naval officers to the officers of the YSS Eucharis and to Star Army Intelligence.

2) The Navy of the Interstellar Kingdom of Kuvexia has already attacked starships of the Star Army of Yamatai such as the YSS Eucharis on multiple occassions,

3) The Navy of the Interstellar Kingdom of Kuvexia established a military starbase for forward operations against the Yamatai Star Empire in the Kikyo sector,

4) The Interstellar Kingdom of Kuvexia has attempted to disrupt the Kikyo Sector economically by dumping millions of Rixxikor into our area of space, who, by all accounts, are destitute, disorderly anarchists who are prone to violence.

5) Forces associated with the Kuvexian Kingdom have attempted to steal Star Army of Yamatai military ships and equipment, and have kidnapped Star Army personnel.

Recognizing that the Interstellar Kingdom of Kuvexia has made unprovoked acts of war against the Star Army of Yamatai, the Yamatai Star Empire, and the greater Kikyo sector as a whole;

Therefore I resolve, by the power and authority invested in me by the Constitution of the Yamatai Star Empire and by the Empress of Yamatai, Her Imperial Majesty Himiko I, Sovereign of the Yamatai Star Systems, the Elysian Celestial Empire, Gashmere, Ohara, Essia, and the Outer Colonies, that:

1) A State of War now exists between the Yamatai Star Empire and the Interstellar Kingdom of Kuvexia, and that commanders of the Fleets, Organizations, and Bases of Star Army of Yamatai and Yamatai's planetary defense forces are authorized to utilize their full resources to make war against the Kingdom of Kuvexia and its allies to bring this war to a successful and victorious end.

2) I also request that all resources of the Imperial government are pledged to the same.


Ketsurui Yui Commander, Star Army of Yamatai

Escalation Of The War

In late YE 39 the YSS Kaiyō II gained intelligence on a Kuvexian owned and operated space station and were ordered to destroy it. Successful as they were, the crew came face to face with Kuvexian power armors and tasted death at the hands of their enemies. It was a harsh but necessary lesson for the crew as in the beginning of YE 41 they set out on a tour of duty to unsettle the frontlines of the enemy, as the ship had always sought to do. The tour is currently underway, wrought with difficulties and accomplishments alike, ongoing in YE 42.

In YE 40, the Kuvexians launched a major invasion of the Kikyo Sector. It was foiled by the efforts of the YSS Eucharis and YSS Sakura II. Another invasion that year resulted in the Essia Occupation.

In YE 41, the Kuvexians responded by launching a much larger offensive, the Kuvexian Invasion of YE 41.

The Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia declared War on the Interstellar Kingdom of Kuvexia shortly after they battled the Elefirn (a subjugated species), under suspicions of an attack on the Nepleslian Colonial Expanse.

The success of the invasion of YE 41 was expanded on in the Kuvexian Advance of YE 42 and the Third Battle Of Nataria.

Turning Point

After the Third Battle Of Nataria, the Kuvexian Invasion had lost thousands of ships and was desperately low on supplies. The Star Army had managed to survive what was supposed to be the final push on Nataria and then Yamatai itself. While Yamatai sustained heavy losses, it was able to recover much more quickly than the Kuvexians, presenting the Star Army with an opportunity to push back and go on the offensive.

Ending The War

The Star Army was prepared for a long war against the Kuvexians by pushing into their territory, but in YE 43 an opportunity presented itself when the Essai made an offer to join forces in a combined attack on the Kuvexian banking hub of Glimmergold. The Star Army, Essai machine planets, and international forces made a successful and devastating attack in the Battle Of Glimmergold. After this, the Kuvexian Kingdom destabilized and finally collapsed in economic turmoil. With the threat mostly neutralized, Yamatai declared the war was over.

Awards and Honors

Star Army soldiers who participated in this war are given the Kuvexian War Service Ribbon. There is also a Third Battle Of Nataria Defense Medal and Glimmergold Star.

OOC Notes

This page was written by Wes.

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