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Kuvexian Military

This article attempts to describe the vast military of the Interstellar Kingdom Of Kuvexia (Kuvexians).

About the Kuvexian Military

Like most aspects of Kuvexian society, the Kuvexian military is divided into “haves” and “have nots.” The ultra-rich Kuvexian elite join the military for prestige and nationalism, while the poor join the military in hopes of a better life. There are also a large number of slaves conscripted into the military and seemingly endless numbers of enslaved clones born directly into military service the way Nekovalkyrja are.

Like ancient Rome, the Interstallar Kingdom of Kuvexia has found itself in a position where it must expand to survive. Their region of space is largely depleted of useful resources, and what remains is tightly controlled by the wealthy and monolithic banking conglomerates. It has become a run-down junkyard with various scavenger species like the Graxlat and Rixxikor eking out a living by rummaging through the scrap. The Kuvexians are thus seeking to spread into better places of the galaxy.

One of the biggest threats to this expansion is the rapidly-expanding Yamatai Star Empire, which has developed the same technologies as the Kuvexian Kingdom, such as mind-uploading, Zesuaium, and aetheric energy. The Kuvexian military feels that if they do not attack now, the Yamatai Star Empire will only grow until it reaches a point where it will be difficult or impossible to defeat. This stance led to the Kuvexian War.

Another cause of the war is the Kuvexian Kingdom's vast military-industrial complex. Politically-powerful defense contractors need to keep the Kingdom at war to justify the production of huge quantities of materiel. These corporations have made enormous efforts in lobbying and media manipulation of the public opinion to keep the Kingdom in a highly paranoid and highly aggressive state. The Kuvexian military also encourages this by painting its enemies as dangerous, unstable liabilities who need to be disposed of for the greater good. Both military supply corporations and the military itself have a vested interest in keeping their wars going for as long as they can, in the hopes of extending their access to the vast treasuries of the Kuvexian Kingdom while also simultaneously pillaging resources and technologies from the enemy frontier, and selling the loot back home.


Kuvexian fleets are generally privatized, making them essentially professional mercenary units. These fleets and organizations are run by rich patrons who compete for the glory of victory and also sponsorships from the corporations.

Kuvexian Interstellar Navy

The Kuvexian Interstellar Navy (KIN) is the main starship-based force of the Kuvexian military. Its core force is funded by the government it but also contains a number of privately-operated fleets which make up the bulk of the military. Some of these fleets are very different than then core fleets. The fleets are very competitive against each other because they are focused on cash rewards for victories, territorial gains, etc.

🔱 The symbol of the Kuvexian Navy is the trident.

Fleet Base Commander OOC Manager Notes


This section deals with the people who make up the Kuvexian military.


Other Facts

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  • The Kuvexian military salute is holding your left hand flat (with palm facing to your right) with your thumb out slightly towards the face, so the hand is in front of the face with an eye on either side. Then the hand is rotated downwards at the wrist so the fingers point outwards towards the object of the greeting. It's almost like a “knife hands” gesture but very close to the face of the person giving the gesture. Sometimes this is accompanied by a greeting like “I notice you there.” The gesture is showing that the person's attention is focused on a specific individual.

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