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The Elefirn, as they are known, are an all female race of humanoids with antlers and third eyes with the ability to stun opponents. There are three million Elefirn, total, with half of a million of those living in space or Kuvexian territory as slaves to them. Those that live on the planet of Polup, their home world, and those abroad have been indoctrinated by the Kuvexians and are loyal to them in nearly all ways after thousands of years of servitude.



For every two YE on the Yamataian Calendar, there is one BE, which is an acronym for Basis Event.

The Elefirn section their years into twenty months, each of which has two weeks within it. These months have different rituals that surround them, ranging from meal-time celebrations, giving days, and task-oriented or rest days, relative to the month they reside in.


Elefirn have bodies similar to humans with a few key differences. Their heads sport impressive racks of antlers stemming from either side of the forehead. Underneath their antlers they boast wide, oval ears that can hear a greater distance than any human can. Their bodies are covered in a downy fur in places such as the belly, legs, shoulders, hands, and forearms. The fur is white on their bellies and at the bottom of their legs and is brown, grey, blonde, red, or sepia-colored everywhere else with intermittent white spots dotting it. They have dark brown cheeks with white spots that dot them. They are oftentimes pale skinned but can be tan to dark skinned, as well. The Elefirn have a teardropped shaped tail that comes from the small of their backs and is no more than half a foot in length and is two-toned. It is darker on top than it is on the underside.

Hues, shades, and colors of hair that the Elefirn can have vary greatly and the only colors that are not seen are brighter pinks, purples, and blues. Rather, those colors are seen only in desaturated, muted tones. Their hair is soft but strong and never knots, but retains its either curly, straight, or in between appearance without kinking or tangling.

Their legs end in hooves and they have the ability to turn their hands, which are rigid and made of keratin —the same tough protein that makes up their hair— into hooves. They utilize this by having the ability to run, walk, or stand on all fours and often sleep standing on their four hooves.

They also possess the ability to manipulate and generate pheromones to varying degrees based on the Elefirn in question. This can take the form of instigating flight or fight instinct in the Elefirn around them as well as other species, trail pheromones to mark a path to other Elefirn, or sex pheromones to highly attract others to the Elefirn emitting the pheromones. The Elefirn releasing these pheromones has the aptitude to control which is emitted. The attraction-based pheromones don't work on non-Elefirn species.

Their eyes are all almost black, which allows them to see in the dark better than any human as the entire pupil is open to receiving light, though they have a reflective and translucent eyelid that covers them from having too much light enter when there is no need for low light vision.

Their third eye gives them the ability to stun an opponent if they lock eyes with them. This can be utilized in situations in which the opponent of the Elefirn is caught by the stare of the third eye. They can be immobilized for just under twenty seconds, in which time the Elefirn can use their pheromone manipulation or other talents against them or escape.

Their legs and arms are the most powerful parts of their bodies as they often run, walk, and stand on them. Their arms are capable of delivering a solid punch, though the skeletal structure of their bodies makes it incredibly difficult to kick forward while standing in a bipedal position, they are capable of kicking backwards while on all fours.

Strong and stable, their bodies are hardened by generations of training done by the Kuvexians as well as their history as prey. With adept musculature and deft agility, their abilities in comparison to humans aren't even matched as the Elefirn would have the advantage. Suitable stamina gives them a leg up, as well.

All Elefirn can on command release enzymes in the lungs which causes apoptosis in order to commit suicide. There are several cases of this happening when the Kuvexians first came into contact with the Elefirn and treated them worse than they do now. It happened after the Rixxikor first met the Elefirn, as well, when the Rixxikor tried to subjugate them. It is the primary reason the Elefirn have not been made slaves in any capacity, simply servants to the Kuvexians.


Because the population is only comprised of females, their reproduction cycle is very different from that of humans. Every individual contains both eggs and sperm. It is random which female will produce which at any given time. The sperm will be transferred via direct contact from one female to another. When the sperm is transferred, the egg is fertilized and taken to the womb and the Elefirn will spend a quarter of a BE pregnant before giving birth. At this time, the normally flat-chested Elefirn will have grown in breast size and be able to produce a milk for their child. The young will be nursed for one season before they are then set off into the world, which usually entails staying close to the mothers. Only halfway through life are they able to be with child. Once the child is no longer nursing, the mother's swollen chest will regain its normal small appearance and they will be fit to do the things which they were unable to do while pregnant and nursing, such as laborious tasks or fighting.

Though they cannot breed with the non-humanoid species they have thus encountered in space —though the only attempts to have sex with them ended before it could begin as the Elefirn in question committed suicide by way of apoptosis— they can indeed breed with males and females of humanoid or human species. Their DNA is just pliable enough for it to work with that of human-dominant DNA during the reproduction process.

Life Cycle

The Elefirn live according to a complex balancing act of whether or not they emitted pheromones throughout their lives and how much they did emit. Too much or none at all emitted will lead to an early death. Conversely, exuding too many pheromones will lead to an early death, as well. That is why the Elefirn are both picky about when they exert their pheromones and are both eager and hesitant to do so, according to how much they have done in their life. The common Elefirn will live between 50 BE and 90 BE.


This species lives on both forested land and plains. During the warm season, they live largely outside of structures and utilize buildings and architecture for Kuvexian business and politics. The weather gets too cold in the wet season and living indoors is necessitated for many, though they are happy to relinquish their homes and go back to living in the wilderness during the season with less snow and rain.

Their buildings are made in simplistic, yet aesthetically pleasing structural designs. They are made with ease of use in mind, focusing on use rather than overly ornate-ness. Despite this, the designs can employ some curving geometry and can often be seen with simple flowers carved or molded into the facade or outer portion of the building. For the most part, their buildings are plain, unpainted wooden ones that are stout and close to the ground, either one or two stories.

In a few cities of Adir there is housing for Kuvexians to live in, though only three or four exist on the planet and they are not in the cities that the Elefirn stay in during the winter but instead

On the planet of Polup there are no other people or animals save for the Elefirn, though the planet just next to Polup in the Adir Star System, Rega, is filled with creatures that the Kuvexians have yet to tame and the Elefirn are incapable of fighting. The planet of Polup, though, is free of such things, though at one time long ago there were animals besides the Elefirn that chased and hunted the Elefirn until they were able to overcome their adversaries and outrun, outsmarted, and outwitted their foes. The planet of Polup and its sole population of Elefirn and some Kuvexians are a testament to the fact that the Elefirn became the top of the food chain without ever eating the flesh of another creature.



Politically, the Elefirn are now completely dependent on the Kuvexians, getting little in return for their continued servitude to the more aggressive species. The Kuvexians set up their system of governance, now, which includes several Kuvexians inhabiting the political houses on Polup and ruling from there. King Kalapom III of Kuvexian space dictates what happens to the Elefirn, though doesn't manage the day to day dealings as those on the planet do that for him.


The Elefirn military had been destroyed after the Kuvexians wrought havoc upon them and has been replaced with the Kuvexian Military, which instructs them where and how to fight.

The military used to be a strong one, after several wars in their history, it had grown to be a powerful one, but it was toppled by the Kuvexian military and has long since been deceased.


For a list of technologies, see Elefirn Power Armor, Elefirn Ships, and Elefirn Weapons.

The Elefirn also possess several technologies, including a Kelolulo, which is similar to a EM-G8 Type 33 Datapad and they have been given aether technology by the Kuvexians.


The economy of the Elefirn is completely dead and has been replaced by that of the Kuvexians.

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