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We don't know how far away from Earth we are, or how long ago humans first left Earth. Incalculable knowledge has been lost to war, plagues, and alien occupations, and now Earth is merely an ancient legend. But humanity survives in the form of its distant colony worlds.

From the ashes, a new pocket of civilizations arose in this unusually habitable corner of the Kagami Galaxy called the Kikyo Sector. Peace is carefully maintained in besieged nations like the Yamatai Star Empire whose overextended military forces continue to constantly fight off against alien invasions and insurrections while frontier regions struggle to survive against scarcity and lawlessness.

Star Army is a shared, living world that is always growing. Your writing can add to the setting, and your RP may be affected by events in the setting. Because you'll roleplay with other people, expect to be surprised sometimes! Have fun and be brave.


Star Army takes place in the Kagami Galaxy, a huge galaxy different than our own. Most of the action has historically been in the Kikyo Sector but new sectors are starting to be explored.


The international standard for time is the Yamataian Calendar, which is measured in YE (Year of the Empire). The current year is YE 46 which is matched to the OOC year 2024.

  • Timeline - The Star Army universe's history by year.

People & Groups

The Star Army setting is populated by a wide variety of Species including many types of humans, transhumans, and aliens.

Player Factions

  1. Yamatai Star Empire - Star Army's anime-inspired main faction
    1. Star Army of Yamatai - YSE's military. The site's namesake
    2. Elysian Celestial Empire - Angel-themed suzerainty of Yamatai
  2. Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia - the big human/cyborg faction
    1. Nepleslian Navy - DION's space fleet
    2. Nepleslian Space Marine Corps - DION's space marines
  3. Kingdom of Neshaten - Fox dudes
  4. New Dusk Conclave - The NDC is a nation founded by discarded military clones seeking a home of their own. Scrappy and resilient, they do what they must to defend their new territory.

Non-Player Factions

  1. Abwehran Star Empire - Four armed heavyworlders
  2. Freespacers - Networked space hippies.
  3. Interstellar Kingdom Of Kuvexia - Wealthy imperialists
  4. Poku Saeruo Degonjo - Feline alien scavengers from the South
    1. Wotanu Abokatinka Poku - the Clan's military force

Businesses & Organizations


You can learn more about some of the major threats you can encounter in our universe on the Threats page, and on the Enemies Schema page.

OOC Notes

  • This page was created by Wes.

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