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Kagami Galaxy

The Kagami Galaxy is the galaxy in the SARPiverse where the events and plots of the Star Army RP take place. The name β€œKagami” (written 鏑 in Yamataigo) means β€œmirror” and is a reference to the Yata no Kagami.

Kagami Galaxy viewed from above

The Kagami Galaxy is a large, relatively flat barred spiral galaxy with nine tight yet distinct arms. It could be described as a grand design spiral galaxy. The Kagami Galaxy has a diameter of about 1,550,000 LY and a thickness of about 2,500 LY.

It's important to note that the Kagami Galaxy is not the Milky Way, and therefore it is not the same galaxy that contains the Sol System (e.g. planet Earth).

Stellar Cartography

Here is a map of the Kagami Galaxy. Note the location of the Kikyo Sector in red.

Scale: each grid square is 50,000 Light-years.

Arm 06

Little is known of the star systems in Arm 06. It is the origin of the Kuvexians.

Arm 08

Arm 08 is the location of the Kikyo Sector, an area of space around the Yamatai Star System.

See: Kikyo Sector

OOC Notes

This page was created by admin Wes on 2016/10/17.

The galaxy artwork was made by Khasidel, who also suggested the galaxy's name. It was chosen by users voting on the forum.

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