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The SARPiverse (β€œStar Army Role-Play universe”) is the in-character universe of the Star Army Roleplay. People, places, and things are part of the SARPiverse if they are canonically-approved wiki articles or forum posts on the Star Army website. This wiki is our guide to the SARPiverse.

The setting of the SARPiverse is the Kikyo Sector (in the Kagami Galaxy), an area of space centered on the Yamatai Star System and extending outward to around 120 light-years away. See Kikyo Sector.

The focus of the SARPiverse is the space military known as the Star Army of Yamatai.


The SARPiverse was originally born out of the imagination of Wes somewhere around 2000 to 2001, although it incorporates some older elements like uniforms, nations, and characters Wes created in the mid to late 90s. The first Star Army RP that was on the Star Army forums and not part of some other RP community occurred in late 2002 and in 2003 website was moved from Ketsurui Yui's site to

In 2007, the wiki became the repository of Star Army RP lore. Prior to this, informational material was either on static HTML webpages or in forum posts. The wiki is like an encyclopedia whereas roleplay posts and transcripts are still posted on the forums, where they take place.

For the full history of Star Army, see Calendar πŸ“….

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