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Items & Equipment

There are detailed pages for many objects and technologies that appear in the Star Army RP. This page uses a series of automated lists that update on their own. Items will only be listed here if there's in the items: namespace or a subfolder of that. Items that are stored under a corp: or faction: or stararmy: namespace won't appear in this list so please see the faction pages for their equipment lists and so forth.


See: Clothing

Drugs & Medicines

These are substances that exist in the SARPiverse that have medicinal or other effects on characters. Some are great for medical emergencies and others are just used for getting high.

Equipment & Tools

Military Equipment by Faction

Because war is a constantly present theme in the SARP, military equipment is arguably the most detailed part of this wiki. Each military faction has its own military equipment page.

Food & Drinks




Unique Items

These are unique or special custom items that only one or two characters have.

Unsorted/General Items

These items aren't in a specific section of the items namespace yet.

Sets of Items

For sets of items, see: Item Sets

OOC Notes

Wes made this article!

Art credits:

  • Pistol art by Wes
  • Headphones art by Wes (colors) and Waitress (original lines) using base Wes purchased from CozyCat Studios
  • Belt art by Wes (colors) using lines from U.S. Government

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