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Clockwork Uppercut

The Clockwork Uppercut is a one of a kind custom revolver made by William Winfield Black-Marx during his teenage years under the watchful eye of his Grandma, William had heard his late mother was a fan of the wheel-gun and so decided to make it his preferred type of firearm too, designing an overly complicated piece that ran like a dream so long as you treated it right.

About the Clockwork Uppercut

The Clockwork Uppercut is a lot more complicated than it ever needed to be, a shell-ejecting gate-loaded autorevolver chambered in rifle rounds due to his larger size and strength that allowed the part-SOL to effectively use it – it is a weapon he knows inside and out that he spends some time each night carefully oiling the internals of, since having learned more about his familial ties and having signed up with the SAoY under the exchange program he has made additional cylinders and barrels for a few different cartridges.

Nomenclature Information


The Clockwork Uppercut has a somewhat odd look about it, somewhere between a classic revolver and a stripper clip-fed semi-automatic pistol, it is primarily constructed out of Nerimium that has been painted a matte grey – the revolver itself is oversized to better fit in William’s hand with a sandalwood handle that has a pleasant aroma, the weapon’s long barrel makes a tight seal with the cylinder, with the back end of the barrel exposed before a blockier section obstructs part of it, the barrel extending out the other side.

A curved bit of metal connects to the frame of the weapon and wraps around either side, making up half of the weapon’s unique cylinder system – in addition, it has a fairly iconic circular trigger guard that wraps around the trigger and a slightly oversized hammer in comparison to the rest of this upscaled revolver.

Discharge Information

  • Muzzle Flash: A gout of flame out the barrel’s end
  • Retort: A weighty crack of a rifle round being fired out a slightly shorter barrel than was intended.
  • Effective Range: 800m – 2,000m1)
  • Rate of Fire: Semi-automatic, as fast as the user can squeeze the trigger
  • Recoil: Medium, though William’s strength dampens it immensely.


William has made a barrel and cylinder that can be swapped out for each caliber he intends to use though due to the gun’s unique design it can take a few minutes to do so.

Weapon Mechanisms

  • Firing Mechanism: With each shot fired the front of the revolver recoils back on a spring that runs through the middle of the cylinder, opening up a space over the top of the recently fired cartridge for the shell to eject through, this same top section pushes back on the hammer to re-cock it before sliding forwards and rotating the cylinder one space – the cylinder itself only cups half the loaded rounds and relies on the friction of them against a curved outer housing to keep them from falling out, when the hammer is cocked it pushes the cylinder forwards slightly to create a seal against the back of the barrel.
  • Loading: Rounds are loaded into the cylinder through a small pivoting loading gate on the right of the weapon when the hammer is held at half-cock each squeeze of the trigger rotates the cylinder one space.
  • Mode Selector: N/A
  • Firing Modes: Semi-automatic
  • Safety Mechanism: The weapon is made safe by carefully de-cocking the hammer into the resting position.
  • Weapon Sight: Two sight posts near the weapon’s hammer are lined up with a front prong at the end of the barrel, they each have a small bit of tritium embedded for greater visibility.
  • Attachment Hard Points: Threading on the recoil spring’s housing for the cylinder to be swapped out and threading at the front of the revolver for the barrel to be swapped out.

Optional Attachments

When William originally created the revolver, it was chambered in solely 7.5 AR and so he considers that the weapon’s true caliber, but he has taken time to make interchangeable barrels and cylinders for other calibers he likes to use with it.

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