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Random Generators ๐ŸŽฒ

Random Generators can help us create new ideas by making new combinations from lists of possible options (variables). For example, they can be used to instantly create spontaneous descriptions of characters, places, and items. This makes them great inspiration for Game Masters running roleplay threads. This page lists all the available random generators.


Star Army first added random generators in 2010. Originally most of the random generators on Star Army were in the form of PHP pages but in 2021 we moved most of them onto the wiki (Note: this is still ongoing) after commissioning the creation of a plugin that made this possible. Doing this extended the ability to make and edit random generators to all Star Army members.

Currently Available Generators

Here's the currently available generators, sorted by category.



These generators make items or provide randomness to items.


These generators make places and new parts of the universe.


These generators create a situation for characters to face.


These generators don't really fall into the above categories.


These are downloadable generator programs.

Other Sites

These websites also have useful random generators.

Page TitleURL
Springhole randomโ€ฆ
Seventh Random Nameโ€ฆ scifiโ€ฆ
D&D Diceโ€ฆ
Inkwell Ideas Random Innโ€ฆ
Random Sci-Fi Storyโ€ฆ
Fantasy Name
Writing Exercises andโ€ฆ
Star Nationโ€ฆ
Alien Foodโ€ฆ
Futuristic Foodโ€ฆ
Frugal Autochefโ€ฆ


Wes created this article in 2010 and gave it a major update in August 2021.

For discussion of the PHP-cased generators, see this forum thread.

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