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Random Body Measurements Generator

Because there was once a β€œmeasurements” box on the character template there have been been many players asking what to put in the box. Well, here's a possible solution! We are pleased to present this random body measurements generator for your convenience.


Refresh the page to generate another result. There's a metric version and a US Imperial version.

  • The character is 145 centimeters tall with the measurements 37A-24-38.
  • The character is 6'2" with the measurements 35C-21-40.

This is just for general purposes and designed for humans. For Nekovalkyrja you may want to tweak the numbers a little to have them be shorter and more slender. For more information see our wiki article on Female Measurements.

Here's a site I found that might help you visualize your character's body shape: Body Visualizer

OOC Notes

FIXME needs metric sizes in the metric version.

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