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Origin Industries

Established in YE 30, Origin Industries is one of the largest independent corporations in the Kikyo Sector.

Origin Industries is unique compared to other large industrial entities in that they are not beholden to a single nation or government, but rather they strive to provide basic needs and goods to the galaxy at top quality and minimal price. Known for being a prolific producer of starships, vehicles, weapons, and armor, Origin industries also works at providing literally any and everything a person may need. In order to accomplish this, Origin has arranged itself as a conglomerate of multiple smaller companies which specialize in different tasks, items, or markets. While Origin remained mostly as it had formed for its first fifteen years, changing times in YE 45 and prior prompted a major overhaul of the company's corporate structure, as well as some brand identities and other numerous small but impactful changes.

While staunchly and vocally independent, Origin Industries has been long considered a part of the Star Army Military Industrial Complex, supplying numerous designs over the years as well as consultation services and other major interactions. Origin Industries also does a large share of its business within the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia, though it has had only mild success selling to the Star Military of the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia.

History & Background

In YE 29, three like-minded people got together bent on starting a company through which they could submit their designs. Though all three wanted to design things, none of them wanted to design the same kind of thing, so they broke it up into three sub-companies all under the main corporation. During YE 30, once sales began, Origin Industries found they had enough excess to start a fourth company, which specialized in Power Armors and Mecha. In YE 31, origin was forced off of Tami, and made their new headquarters at their station known as the OOSY, or Dawn Station. Once settled, the corporation got several orders for equipment, from the Star Army of Yamatai and the Abwehran Star Empire.

Early Success

By YE 33, Origin's volume of sales and its success in the market brought its share up from a small upstart and into one of the largest active corporations in the Kikyo sector. With an expansion of people flooding into the company's two starbases, the establishment of a number of stores on most inhabited worlds, the addition of personnel to its commercial fleet, and the growing number of contracts from governments and other large organizations, as well as a growing range of products to produce and sell, Origin has spent most of its capital on expanding, and building up resources in order to expand further, all in the name of better serving customers.

While Origin seemed to be doing fairly well in all markets, late YE 33 saw a lot more focus on the general civilian market, with considerably less of its money spent on the development of military-type items. However, money was still poured into that area in order to support and expand upon existing technology and research a few niche designs. In addition, Origin acted to foster relationships between the corporation and national governments or militaries over the years. During this time, several deals were made as Origin continued to do business, producing stations and products for various other corporations and entities.

Major changes

In the decade following Origin's sudden arrival and early success, the company found its grove and focused more on internal growth rather than external, keeping a steady flow of its products on the market, and renewing or revamping its lines as needed. With the wildly popular LSTV putting a high note just after the company's first decade in business, Origin industries began a look to the future. Reorganizing and restructuring, Origin's early leadership saw fit to either retire or move to different positions, letting a new generation grow the company from the stable base that had been prepared.

Growing tired of holding their positions for a decade and a half, and having felt they contributed plenty to the company, two of the three original founding members; Ray Gladstone and Rob Robertson the Third; stepped down from their positions allowing for the new generation to lead onward. Additionally, Kelly Williams stepped down from his lead position and took over as a senior manager of a Funky City Origin Mart in order to start a family on his home planet. Many of those taking their places were either hired from experienced candidates within the company, such as the sisters Sierra and Karen Merkur, or hired from experienced military retirees, such as Kai Nakamura.

General Information

Facilities and Assets

Origin Industries has numerous facilities, the most notable are its two starbases, and the huge number of retail stores present on nearly every planet in the Kikyo sector.

Works in Progress

Origin is constantly innovating and revamping its product lines. While the classics are often still produced or at least readily available, new designs and projects are the lifeblood of the company.


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