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Origin Industries Fleet Yards

Founded in YE 29, OrIn is one of the branches of Origin Industries.


OrIn Fleet Yards is the Spacecraft manufacturing company owned by Origin Industries, which forms the bulk of its manufacturing by resource consumption. OrIn is headed by Aerin Tatst. Origin Industries Fleet Yards is responsible for the design, testing, and production of starship and starcraft related parts, components, assemblies, and structures, up to and including fighters, shuttles, starships, and star bases.


OrIn fleet Yards produces a large variety of craft and components, nearly all of which are commercially available, with a few exceptions being those products utilized for testing, or products which contain restricted technology as joint-ventures with government agencies.


Forming the bulk of OrIn fleet Yards, or OFY's product range, starships are the bread and butter of the company, with many types and sizes available.

Small ships
Medium Ships
Large Ships

Small Craft

Non-Ship Craft


Starship Components

Small craft and starship accessories

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