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Porter-Class Short Haul Cargo Transport

About the Ship

The Porter is a ship designed specifically to carry the SSCC huge, either alone or to take it from larger ships to be deposited elsewhere, and vice versa. it is a very simple machine with a single purpose in mind, but that purpose gives it a large number of uses.

Key Features

  • Sleeper cabin
  • Pivoting thrusters
  • SSCC-Huge clamps

Mission Specialization

  • Carry SSCC-Huge


The Porter consists of a cockpit module connected to a small sleeper module, which has pivoting thrusters on either side. A long thin section leads back to an engine module with thruster pods identical to the ones on the front attached.between the two modules, below the thin attaching section, is a concave section which has clamps on either end to allow the ship to grab an SSCC-Huge.

History and Background

The Porter was built specifically to handle SSCC-huge containers, either on its own or in conjunction with larger cargo craft. it was built to be simple, durable, and useful, allowing it to be a valuable asset to big-time cargo companies and small-time cargo handlers alike.

Statistics and Performance


Year Of Manufacture: YE 32 Price: 15,000 KS Class: OI-L4-1A Type: Cargo Handler Designers: , Origin Industries Manufacturer: Origin Industries Production: mass production Fielded by: Various Civilian Organizations, Private Owners


Crew: 2 operators are recommended, 1 is required. Maximum Capacity: There are very basic accommodations for 3 people. About 20 people can fit aboard in an emergency, but the ship would be extremely cramped.


Length: 30 meters Width: 7 meters Height: 5-7 meters Decks: 1

Propulsion and Range

Hyperspace Fold Drive: .35 ly/min IAPD: .27c. Atmospheric: Cruise:500 MPH. Max:Escape velocity Range: inter-system Lifespan: At least ten years. Refit Cycle: Annually

Damage Capacity

See Damage Rating (Version 3) for an explanation of the damage system.

  • Hull: 7
  • Deflectors: 5 (Threshold 1)

Inside the Ship


Maintenance Tunnel

The Porter has a maintenance tunnel traveling from the forward crew module to the rear engine and power module, allowing for maintenance and repairs to them while in space or even in flight.

Cargo Storage Areas

There are closets and cabinets in the crew module which allow for some storage of food and other supplies.


The Cockpit is fairly large for such a small craft, with plenty of space for a pilot and copilot. it holds standard controls, much like a shuttle, but with the addition of swivel controls for the swivel thrusters and controls for the clamping system.

Sleeper Module

The sleeper module is, in effect, and Upgraded Dual-occupancy Crew cabin, which also includes a very small kitchenette, containing a sink, small cabinet, mini-fridge, and a microwave/oven. It also contains a small restroom, which has a combined sink and toilet/shower, which works by the toilet and sink being able to fold into the wall to allow room for the shower to be used.

Ship Systems

Cargo Clamp

The Cargo clamp allows the Porter to clamp onto SSCC-Huge containers and transport them anywhere, including trans-atmospheric operations. When there are no SSCC-Huges in the clamps, the fold down and act as landing gear. This can allow the ship to clamp down to larger craft with magnetic hulls, as well.

Hull and Hull Integrated Systems

The ship is constructed from mostly Durandium.

Power Source

Computers and Electronics

The Destiny AI "Knight" Suite Which handles such tasks as: basic communications, lighting controls, artificial gravity controls, and a targeting computer for the clamping system, Navigation, and life support.

Emergency Systems

The Porter has an emergency release system for the cargo in case of a problem, as well as Fire Extinguisher 🧯s.


The ship is equipped with a basic deflector system, to protect from wayward debris and radiation, etc.

Life Support Systems

The ship is equipped with basic air scrubbers and artificial gravity generators, in the form of Unidirectional Gravitational Plating.


  • 1x IAPD
  • 4x Swiveling thrusters (allow precise control)

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