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Origin General Manufacturing

Founded in YE 31, as Origin Service and Heavy Industry, OGM is a branch of Origin Industries dedicated to the manufacturing of materials, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, energy production, and propulsion.


OGM provides equipment for industrial workplace solutions, Power generation and management, the research and creation of new materials and chemicals, and the processing and refining of raw materials and resources for use by other branches of origin Industries. Originally named Origin Service and Heavy Industry, it was renamed OGM in YE 45 after a major restructuring diverted OSHI's appliance and goods capabilities into its sister branch company, Origin Appliance and Manufacturing. This restructuring allowed OGM to focus all of its efforts on its primary task.


OGM's production and development capabilities cover three main categories; Materials, Pharmeceuticals & Chemicals, and Energy Production & Propulsion.


In addition to the processing and production of normal materials such as Carbon fiber, Durandium Alloy, and other industrial materials, Origin General Manufacturing also develops and produces its own proprietary materials.

Pharmeceuticals & Chemicals

Energy Production & Propulsion

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