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Origin City

Origin city is a very young city, and the first city built on the planet Ake. Initially laid down starting in YE 42 by Origin Industries.


Ever since Origin Industries found the Ake system in YE 31, they have had their eyes on the second planet. Though at first inhospitable, over a decade of vigorous terraforming finally created a planet that was suitable for human habitation. though vegetation is sparse and there really aren't any native lifeforms, Origin Industries felt it was a blank canvas that was perfect for their operations. As such, a city was needed for Origin workers and any civilians who wanted a fresh start could come on a world that had nothing but opportunity. Thus, Origin city was born.

As a very young city, it does not have much of an identity or personality of its own, aside from being 'new'. As more people begin to migrate in, Origin city will eventually make something of itself.


Nestled between an imposing mountain range and a large lake composed of overlapping craters, Origin City at its inception was a rather small city, compared to those on core worlds, though there is plenty of surrounding land for it to grow into. The original footprint covered roughly 500 square kilometers, and includes an urban downtown, a shopping and entertainment district complete with Origin Mart, a Commercial industrial district, a suburban residential district, and a large Aerospace port, as well as a Marina. Origin City sits on the northwestern shore of the largest lake on the planet, Known as Dawn Lake, which is a cluster of Comet craters that covers roughly 2,500 square kilometers and is situated in the northern hemisphere of the planet, but not far from the equator.

As the planet is quite cool, so is Origin City and it is built around keeping people alive regardless of the weather. Origin city has heated streets and publicly provided heating within all the buildings, which is done using the somewhat archaic but rather effective method of steam piping. Steam pipes are buried beneath the roads, with steam plants throughout, and the city's drainage system can be seen giving off varying amounts of steam year round, and it is very typical for buildings to have vents at their highest points billowing steam as well. this not only helps heat the city but furthers the terraforming efforts, by taking water from the lake and putting it into the atmosphere. As such, snow is common in winter, though it never blocks the streets, and summer is often rainy, even more so in the city and its surrounding areas than in other places around Ake.

About thirty kilometers to the North sits the Imposing Robertson mountain range, named after the first head of Origin Defense Manufacturing. This range spans east and west, running from the southeast to the northwest, the northeast corner of Dawn lake encroaching on its foothills to the east of Origin City. Since the terraforming, it has been permanently snowcapped, though no glaciers have had time to form, and its highest peak is around 8,000 meters above the valley floor.


  • Origin City Aerospace port: where cargo and passengers can arrive to and depart from the planet, as well as get shipped to other locations on Ake.
  • Dawn Lake Marina: a small Marina district which has mooring for private boats, as well as access to a ferry which runs to several ferry docks along the lake front, as well as traverses to the southeast shore of the lake.
  • High Speed Train: Gravity trains radiate out from the city, with numerous stations and lines heading to other locations across Ake, though the most frequently used is cargo trains heading from the Industrial district to the Spaceport, or from mining operations back to the city..
  • Light Passenger rail: A well developed Light Passenger rail system criss-crosses the city, with stations every few blocks allowing passenger travel and commuting from residential districts to others.
  • Automated Taxi system: Dawn City uses the exact same Taxi system as Dawn Station


As a Young City owned by a corporation, Dawn City is mostly populated with Origin Industries employees and their families, as well as those who work for various other companies that operate in the city or around planet Ake. These include Miners, logistics personnel, and retail workers from various smaller companies. These people come from all over the Kikyo Sector, from various backgrounds and all walks of life, giving the city a very diverse population, without any permanent identity of its own yet.


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