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Task Force Piglet

The Kodian Civil War is a planet-wide armed conflict that broke out in YE 38 on planet Gashmere over integration in the Yamatai Star Empire. It began when, due an aggressive assassination campaign, the Anti-Xenoist League temporarily gained a majority in the General Assembly of Gashmere, and then attempted to order the Gashmere Planetary Guard to forcibly remove the Yamatai Star Empire's presence from the planet. The planet's military became divided over the issue, and war broke out between the pro-alien and isolationist factions. Each side claims to be the legitimate government.

The Star Army of Yamatai, based out of Fort Nozomi, has begun a (thus far unsuccessful) attempt to keep the peace. Task Force Piglet has been assigned to take on this monumental task.

Plot Overview

Gashmere is descending into chaos. After an atrocious attack on the planets capital city, the Kodian Government sends a call to Yamatai for Aid. The Beacons are lit, will Yamatai answer? An insurgency is blossoming among the native Kodian population, anti-Xeno sentiment is at an all time high. What is behind it, and can the players turn the conflict around before it is too late?

Rules and Pacing

IC Rules: Weapons are to be checked into the armory located in Building 4, Fort Nozomi, unless in route to or from the weapons range, or missions and taskings. Task Force Members may retain one (1) side arm, and two (2) blades, clubs, or melee weapons on their persons. These limitations do not extend to individuals natural weapons or weapons that have been integrated into ones person.

RPG Rating:

  • L3 (There will be things said that may make a sailor blush)
  • S1 (kissing and light petting, anything else fade to black, go to DM or NSFW forums please.)
  • V3 (Bad things will happen. Bodies will be torn asunder. Advanced methods of interrogation will be applied. Bamboo shoots may be consumed. Continue at your own Peril.)

Please post in the RP thread at least once or twice a week. I will attempt to respond to individual NPC interactions, but may wait until others have the chance to post at my discretion.

Players who haven't posted in more than 2 weeks may be removed from the plot.

Characters and Players

Open Positions

Have a character you want to bring in? Let me (Dana) know.

OOC Notes

Dana created this article on 2023/01/23 08:03.

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