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Girestu School: Class 27

Girestu School: Class 27 is a roleplaying plot created May 13, 2022 by GM Demibear.

Forum Link
Faction Yamatai Star Empire
Game Master Demibear
Pacing 1-2 times a week is ideal
Number of Players 7
Accepting Players No
Joining Requirements Speak with Demibear

Status: This plot is currently open for any approved character to join.

Plot Overview

“Giretsu School: Class 27” will follow the life and pain of multiple trainees wishing to earn their triple sakura blossoms.

Rules and Pacing

“Giretsu School: Class 27” has a rating of 2/2/3

  • Language: Swearing is generally permitted, with some limitations.
  • Sex: Sexual content is permitted, with some limitations.
  • Violence: Graphic violence is permitted.

The primary means of playing in the plot is Play-by-Post. But Joint Posts is also available, though the GM does live in China at the moment. Conflict of time is likely to happen, but the GM will post a minimum once a week. Players are expected to post once a week at a minimum.

Characters and Players

Cadre PCs and NPCs

Name Rank Notes
Masashi Hansen Jôtô Heisho Former SEA of the Giretsu Century of the 75th Legion
Ryu Hye-Jin Ittô Heisho Marksmanship Expert
Kamiya Misakura Nitô Heisho Former member of Giretsu Century of the 2nd Legion destroyed in the Battle of Hanako's Star
Zhang Yingzi Nitô Heisho H2H expert
Homma Aki Nitô Heisho Swordsmanship expert
Ito Takashi Nitô Heisho Power Armor/Survival Expert


Starting in late YE 44.2, the trainees gathered at the receiving station of Fort Ingestrie.

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