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Battle of Hanako's Star

The Battle of Hanako's Star was a space battle that occurred in YE 41 in the Hanako's Star system. It was part of the Kuvexian War.


In late YE 41, forces from the Interstellar Kingdom Of Kuvexia began the Kuvexian Invasion of YE 41 and began taking over the territories of the Yamatai Star Empire, beginning with the Ketsurui Military Sector. In days, almost all of the systems and planets there had been taken except for Hanako's Star, which the Kuvexian Navy initially avoided because of the strong Star Army of Yamatai presence there.

Once the Ketsurui Military Sector was mostly secure, the Kuvexians decided the time had come to crush the remaining resistance and ordered an all-out assault to capture Hanako's World, which would provide an established agricultural base for the Kuvexians' long-term occupation plans. Hanako's Star was defended by the Sixth Fleet, which was based there, and while the Kuvexians had waited, Taisho Ketsurui Yui has also secretly sent Tenth Fleet to assist with the defense.

The Battle

The Star Army forces consisted of:

Total ships: 1,018 (including 100 lightly-armed cargo ships).

Kuvexian Navy Forces consisted of 5 battle groups, each consisting of:

  • 100 Battleships
  • 600 Cruisers
  • 600 Carriers
  • 1000 Gunships
  • 500 Scouts

Total ships: 14,000

The Kuvexians opted for overkill in this first major battle of the invasion, sending roughly five times the amount of ships they could almost guarantee a victory with. The battlegroups came in waves to mask the true size of their force. Each came from a different direction and were very spread out to avoid area-effect weapons the Star Army tried to deploy against enemy fleets. Because neither side wanted to become trapped in a no-FTL zone, the majority of the fighting occurred just outside the star's Hill sphere on the system's outskirts. Nakajima Star Fortress was a major asset, using its super-weapons to inflict heavy losses on the Kuvexian fleets, but was still overwhelmed before it could escape.

In the end, the Star Army fought nearly to the last Nekovalkyrja to inflict maximum casualties on the Kuvexians and only a handful of starships made it to safety at the very end. The Kuvexians were surprised at how much resistance the Star Army was able to offer but quickly recomposed themselves and began taking over Hanako's World.

Star Army Losses: 991 ships (97%)

Kuvexian Losses: 2409 ships (17%)


After the battle, the YSS Furontia, a space station orbiting Hanako's World, was scuttled to prevent its capture.

Kuvexians immediately moved in and bombarded Fort Hanako. Legion II evacuated and began preparations for a resistance to the oncoming occupation.

Star Army News Distribution and Reporting Agency issued a report on the event:

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