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Tenth Fleet

“Service through Vigilance, I am a Sword of Heaven.” - Ethos of the Tenth Fleet


The Tenth Standard Fleet of the Star Army of Yamatai was created in YE 32 from remnants of the Elysian Celestial Navy. It was assigned to defend New Elysia. In YE 34, following a disbandment and the merger of most of its forces into other fleets after the war with the NMX, the Tenth Fleet was reorganized in the Yugumo Cluster.

In YE 41, the Tenth Fleet was wiped out in the Battle of Hanako's Star.

In YE 43, Leo Star Fortress was transferred into the First Expeditionary Fleet from the destroyed Tenth Fleet in YE 43. The base is currently undergoing refurbishment an refit.


Bordering the Lorath and settled in the former United Outer Colonies, the primary mission of the Tenth is to stand vigilant against the Lor cluster of stars and to maintain the integrity of the frontier colonies. The smallest fleet in the Star Army, the Tenth takes an often unconventional stance on warfare, employing many subcontractors to secure its space. This, along with the threat of astral force and an extremely flexible deployment rotation, keeps the Tenth on top of its considerably large sphere of influence.

The greatest strength of the Tenth is in avoiding direct engagement. With few local resources and a large percentage of its force consisting of combat assets, the Tenth may be at a disadvantage for being the smallest fleet in Yamatai - but it more than makes up for this in mobility and unconventional warfare.

Legions and the Tenth

Notably, the Tenth does not have a significant ground presence. Although its standing militia is 1,300 soldiers average, stationed around a single solitary Frontier Starport on Jiyuu V, primarily the Tenth relies on privatized planetary forces to keep the peace on its various planets. When necessary, the Tenth prefers to make targeted assaults on key objectives, turning the enemy's weapons against them where-ever possible.

Contractor Army

Following its apparent revulsion towards planetary warfare, the Tenth actively employs several private security and special interest group corporations in patrolling certain systems under its influence. Most notably local Origin Industries, Saiga Psychogenetics Research Laboratories, and Nayacesen Industrials assets stand as emergency reserve fleets in the event of invasion or upon special request, making the standing strength of the Tenth deceptive.

Tenth Standard Fleet Units

Admiral and Staff Listing

  • Taisho Atago Hinoko - Commander, Tenth Fleet (Wes)

Leo Station

The primary space command station of the Tenth, Leo Star Fortress serves as both a base of operations and a home port for most of the ships deployed in the region. Although badly damaged by the fighting in the region during the fall of the United Outer Colonies, it was mostly kept in tact by the United Outer Colonies Peacekeeping Forces under command of Mitsuya Ember, then known as Mitsuya Ember. When she surrendered the Peacekeeping Forces to the Star Army of Yamatai, Leo Station, damaged though it was, re-integrated into the force. Its refugees became Yamatai's refugees.

Badly damaged and scarred in the war, and still bearing all the heraldry and marks of its former owners, Leo Station is the Tenth's first bastion of defense - and its most mobile platform for offense.

It moves periodically to maintain the secrecy of its location.

YSS Sakishima ND-S10-577

The YSS Sakishima is a Chiaki-class (1B) Escort Destroyer commissioned and assigned to the Tenth Standard Fleet's Destroyer Squadron 2 in early YE35. While at one time possibly the least important ship in the navy ship and her unique crew have proved themselves time and time again in battle against pirates, terrorists, and opposition. In YE 37 YSS Sakishima was designated command ship of Destroyer Squadron 2.

Other Ships

Inactive/Former Units/Staff

Former Admiral and Staff Listing

YSS Takamagahara NB-S10-753

The YSS Takamagahara is a Sharie-class Battleship serving largely in the turbulent Yugumo Cluster and wherever else the Tenth Fleet requires her. The YSS Takamagahara is unique that it is crewed entirely by mini Nekovalkyrja. (OOC Note: now an NPC unit)

Task Force: Lantern

The Task Force Lantern is perhaps the smallest, but arguably one of the most colorful units in the Tenth. The Lantern task group maintains a squadron of one Super Eikan-class Heavy Cruiser, two Urufu Class Light Cruisers, and two scout ships of any class. Its primary purpose is to safeguard the "Ryuusei", a group of the Taisho's hand-picked special operations soldiers, who answer directly to Shôshô Fujiwara Miu (藤原 美羽).

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