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Star Army Leave

In the Star Army of Yamatai, leave is permission and freedom to be away from one's assignment and/or place of duty. It is somewhat comparable to to vacation time in civilian careers. It is often used to visit family.

Nam Sohyun and Park Hana

It is typical, but not required, for Star Army members to wear their uniform while traveling on official orders, including going to and from their duty station to their place of leave.

Medical Leave

Medical leave is granted when a doctor deems that a soldier is unfit for active duty for an extended period of time. It must be approved by a Star Army doctor. The length of medical leave is the minimum necessary time essential to meet the soldier's medical needs. If the time is deemed excessive or the soldier's prognosis does not indicate they will become fit for active duty again, the soldier may be given a medical discharge.

Parental Leave

At the time a child is expected to born to a member of the Star Army of Yamatai or their spouse, they are authorized to take 3 Yamataian Calendar months (105 days) of parental leave. The soldier will receive full pay and benefits during this time.

Personal Leave

Soldiers of the Star Army of Yamatai earn credits for 3 days of paid leave each calendar month of service (27 days annually). Leave can be rolled over into the next calendar year provided it does not exceed 70 days (2 Yamataian calendar months).

In order to spend their leave, they must get permission from their commanding officer.

It is common for entire units to take leave as a “block” after intense missions. In this case it is common for the unit commander or starship captain arrange a crew vacation such as by booking hotel rooms at a destination resort.

Terminal Leave

It is typical for soldiers who are preparing to be discharged from the military to “burn” all their remaining leave days immediately prior to their date of separation. This is referred to as terminal leave. Soldiers handle their outprocessing prior to the terminal leave and then have no further duties, but continue to receive pay and benefits until their date of separation.

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