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Star Army Training Administration

Star Army Training Logo

“Take Charge and Move Out”

The Star Army Training Administration is a branch of the Star Army of Yamatai. Its purpose is to provide centralized, standardized, and high-quality training to members of the Star Army of Yamatai, especially new recruits. SATA headquarters was originally based in Kyoto, Yamatai (Planet). With the positions of the NMX forces, plans were made to move it Veronica in the Veronica Military Sector. The move was to position SATA at a more advantageous location to support all the fleets. In YE 32 SATA's HQ was officially moved to Fort Hankou.

SATA was created in YE 29; before then, each fleet was largely responsible for running its own training programs. Shinja Noriko-Chusa is the current Director.

Types of Training Facilities

  • Academies (Officers in Training)
  • Camps/Initial Training Units (New recruits and soldiers selected for retraining)
  • Occupational Training Schools (training for particular occupations (jobs) and specializations)
  • Training Vessels (for field experience)

Training Locations



Training Vessels


Training Programs

Basic Training

Note: Those without an Star Army Enlistment Contract cannot join the Star Army or be trained.

Phase 1

Classroom training, primarily. Phase I focuses on:

Phase 2

Phase II focuses on:

Phase 3

  • End of Course Test
  • Field Exercises

Courses Training Methods and Times

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