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Fort Hankou

Fort Hankou is the new headquarters for the Star Army Training Administration established in YE 32. It is located on Ronica (Planet) in the Veronica system.

Fort Location

Fort Hankou is located on the end of Naòr, it is a large installation encompassing more than 40,000 square miles. It consists of four sections, the Central Command and three Camps each of the camps are dedicated to specific training. Each camp and Shinzui are protected by Ke-P3 Series Defense Towers.


Shinzui (Core) is located at the heart of the fort is a Type 32 Spire that serve as the Base Command Post, and basic training facility for Star Army of Yamatai soldiers. A ring of barracks and parade grounds circle the Shinzui. Shinzui is where soldiers receive their standard training. Located north-east of Shinzui is Tenbun Starport the planetary spaceport. There is a Type 32 Grav Train station that connects the fort to Tenbun Starport and Fukuoka.

Shinzui also houses the Basic Officers Training, Mayame Officer School. Which is located at the western edge of the camp.

The other portion of the fort are three gunjin (camps). Each is designed to train certain kinds of soldiers.

Shinzui Features

Wakusei Gunjin

Wakusei (Planet) Camp is located to the southwest of the Central Command Area, it is a training camp. With the recent creation of the Star Army Legions, SATA needed to establish a facility specifically for training soldiers in the art of war specifically in the planetary environment, land, air and sea combat are taught here. Wakusei is the largest gunjin area wise as much of the training grounds are open area, weapon and vehicle ranges.

Sentai Gunjin

Sentai (Fleet) Camp is located north of the Central Command Area, Sentai Camp is for training soldiers who will man the ships of the fleet. One of the distinctive features of Sentai is a 5km wide geodesic dome that is used for zero gravity training.

Tokusan Gunjin

Tokusan (Specialty) Camp is located to the southeast and all soldiers who require specialized training regardless of their being planetary or ship soldiers are trained here. For this reason of the three camps Tokusan has the most facilities.

Local Amenities

On-Base Food and Drink Options

Options for food and drink on this base.

Tokyo Brewing Company BrewPub

This Star Army Bases has an on-site vetted employee location of the Tokyo Brewing Company. It is a BrewPub location and its current menu is the Tokyo Brewing Company BrewPub Menu (YE 43). The location opened in YE 43.

Kikyo Pie Company

This Star Army Bases has an on-site vetted employee location of the Kikyo Pie Company. They offer delivery anywhere on base.

OOC Notes

Star Army Bases & Facilities
LocationRonica (Planet)
DescriptionHQ of SATA (Training)
OrganizationStar Army Training Administration
Places of the SARPiverse
Place Categoriesmilitary facility

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