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Star Army Flight Operations

Star Army Flight Operations or also known as SAFO is the Star Army of Yamatai's fighter and bomber pilot branch. It is responsible for the training of pilots, registration of pilots and their licenses, working with Ketsurui Fleet Yards in regards to designing new fighters, bombers, or carriers.

Star Army Flight Operations
Director Astridr Jokichi
Allegiance Yamatai Star Empire
Established YE 26
Subordinate to Star Army Operations
Headquarters Nataria


SAFO was created after the events of the First Mishhuvurthyar War to create more structure into the pilot's department. The SAFO goal, in the beginning, was to create a structure that is workable for various Star Army ships, stations, and colonies throughout the Yamatai Star Empire. SAFO would fall as a sub-department under Star Army Operations to assist in the quicker deployment of units and pilots.


They mostly work with various other departments such as the SATA, Ketsurui Fleet Yards and Star Army Operations. When a pilot is certified to fly a fighter or bomber they are registered and license to fly these starships, they work with SATA to keep the flight training up to date. They play an advisory role for the Ketsurui Fleet Yards in addition to new designs or updates to current designs. With Star Army Operations the SAFO gives advice on the best deployment for fighter units or wings to ships, stations, or colonies.

Pilot Structure

The SAFO is focused on a good structure and good communication, chain of command, and avoiding disarray. A good example of such structure can be found back at 17th Strategic Bomber Group "Dragons" with the below structure highlighted:

Structure of this fighter/bomber unit
17th Strategic Bomber Group “Dragons
118th Assault Wing 66th Strategic Bomber Wing 214th Powered Armor Wing 74th Bomber Wing
Squad 1 Squad 2 Squad 3 Squad 4 Squad 5 Squad 6 Squad 7 Squad 8

A Unit consists of four Wings, these wings can be designated to any kind of fighter, bomber, or even power armor. The selection of such wing designation is to be determined by the overall goal of that unit. The goal can be raid operations, border patrol, bomb operations, or defensive operations. Lastly, every wing has two Squads that have their assigned materials to perform their operations. In terms of chain of command, there is one unit commander that is in charge of the whole unit, one wing commander that is in charge of the whole wing, and two squad leaders who are in charge of their own squad.

How every squad is build up is depended on the resources and material the unit commander has been given to work with. In the example of the 17th Strategic Bomber Group "Dragons", they got four Ke-V7 "Ginga" Bomber assigned to one wing, while they got twelve Ke-M2 "Mindy" Series of Power Armor assigned to another wing. Both wings have their own goals to fulfill. Setup of what a squad can have can be found here

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