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Ke-V9 "Nodachi" Assault Fighter

The Nodachi assault fighter is an advanced and heavily-armed endo/exo-atmospheric aerospace fighter-craft that was brought into military service by the Star Army of Yamatai, late in the year YE 33.

Star Army Nodachi Assault Fighter

About the Nodachi-class

The Nodachi is fairly large for a fighter-craft and is close to the formidable Ke-V7 "Ginga" Bomber in its physical dimensions. It is designed to be deployable in all possible fields of engagement for a strike-craft – thus its standard equipment includes atmospheric, sub-light and faster-than-light drive systems by default. Though officially labeled as an assault fighter due to its ruggedness and firepower, the Nodachi can serve in the same variety of mission roles as the Ke-V8 "Kawarime" Fighter. However, due to the fact the vehicle is a fairly recent design and because of its comparatively large production costs it will primarily be utilized for front-line combat and escort roles. The class designation 'Nodachi' is a Yamataian term for a variety of large two-handed sword.


The initial design was submitted to Ketsurui Fleet Yards by Murasaki Emiko in early YE 33 during her initial Star Army training. After familiarizing herself with the Star Army's unique technologies and gaining access to the technical information on the military's starship systems as part of her military induction, Emiko designed the Nodachi during her free time. Having noted the Star Armies lack of a heavy fighter-craft comparable to those of other star nations, Emiko set out to rectify this with a new strike-craft design. After the original submission was reviewed and given tentative approval, the designers at KFY spent several more months making refinements and improvements by incorporating several additional systems already under development, before finally putting the new model into production.


Star Army Nodachi Assault FighterStar Army Nodachi Assault Fighter

The Nodachi has a singularly unique appearance amongst the Star Army's aerospace fighters. The front of the main fuselage bares a pair of Ke-V9-W3300 Turbo Aether Cannons beneath the nose and a Ke-V9-E3303 Fighter Cockpit with extendable access ladders on either side, negating the need for the use of a gantry ladder to board the craft. The rear of the main fuselage bares three Ke-V9-P3300 Turbo Aether Plasma Drives, two quad-barrel Ke-V9-W3301 Turbo Aether Turrets and a pair of vertical stabilizers sprouting out from between the fighter's capacitors and Ke-V9-G3300 Aether Reactor Module. Six wings extend out of the fuselage – two out of the aft section, each bearing flaps for atmospheric maneuvering. Attached to the middle of the fuselage on either side and extending out beyond the cockpit are the four remaining knife-like wings. The smaller dorsal pair bare an additional set of Aether Cannons of the same type as present on the central fuselage. Located on each of the four main wings are the ships Ke-V9-S3300 Combined Field System arrays and another four quad-barrel turrets. Present on the bottom of the craft are six Ke-V9-W3304 Variable Equipment Mounts for additional system modules or warheads, and three retractable landing gear.

Statistics and Performance

Performance data for the Ke-V9 is below:

General Information

Class: Nodachi-class Assault Fighter

Nomenclature: Ke-V9-1a

Type: Starfighter

Designer: Ketsurui Fleet Yards, Murasaki Emiko

Manufacturer: Ketsurui Fleet Yards

Fielded by: Star Army of Yamatai

Crew Accommodations

The fighter seats two individuals (though only one is required to operate). Generally, the front-seat pilot controls the Ke-V9-W3300 Turbo Aether Cannons and maneuvers the fighter while the back-seat pilot controls the Ke-V9-W3301 Turbo Aether Turrets, sensors, missiles and other equipment. In order to fully utilize the ships systems a lone pilot must be a NH-29, Minkan or Nekovalkyrja, Type 33 equipped with a SPINE interface working in tandem with the fighter's Ke-V9-E3300 Compact Integrated Electronics System.


  • Length: 25.06 meters (82.22 feet)
  • Width: 15.58 meters (51.12 feet)
  • Height: 4.85 meters (15.91 feet)
  • Inertial Mass: 35.58 metric tonnes

Propulsion Performance and Range

Ke-V9-P3300 Turbo Aether Plasma Drives:

  • Atmosphere:
    • Maximum Acceleration: 49.03 m/s2 (5 G's or maximum speed in roughly 34 seconds)
    • Maximum Speed: 6,120 km/h (Mach 5 or 3,803 mph)
  • Sub-light:
    • Maximum Acceleration: 5995.84 km/s2 (Maximum speed in 18.75 seconds)
    • Maximum Speed: 112,422 km/s (69,860 mi/s or 0.375 c)

Ke-V9-P3302 Hyperspace Fold Drive:

  • Micro-Jump / Intra-System Jump:
    • Charging Time: 5 seconds
    • Cooldown: 30 seconds
    • Maximum Range: 527 Astronomical Units (0.008333 Light Years)
    • Maximum Jump Duration: 1 second
  • Macro-Jump / Inter-System Jump:
    • Charging Time: 5 seconds initial charge. +1 second per 1 LY up to maximum range.
    • Cooldown: 5 minutes
    • Maximum Speed: 262,980 c (0.5 ly/m)
    • Maximum Range: 20 Light Years
    • Maximum Jump Duration: 40 minutes

Durability and Maintenance

Damage Capacity (See Damage Rating (Version 3) for an explanation of the damage system):

  • Structure: Tier 8 (Medium Mecha)
  • Shields: Tier 8 (Medium Mecha, Barrier)

Service Lifespan: Approximately 20 years

Refit Cycle: As required


The Ke-V9 comprises the following systems:


The structure of the Ke-V9 varies by system:

Ke-V9-H3300 Yamataium Hull Construction

The hull and structural frame of the Nodachi-class is built utilizing the Ke-V9-H3300 Yamataium Hull Construction method. This means that the Nodachi is primarily composed of the dense and incredibly durable synthetic substance known as Yamataium. So long as the hull is supplied with the requisite base elements from emergency internalized stores by nanites, the Nodachi is capable of limited self-regeneration of hull breaches over a period of days.

Ke-V9-H3300 Yamataium Hull

Ke-V9-E3303 Fighter Cockpit

Pilot's of the Nodachi utilize the Ke-V9-E3303 Fighter Cockpit in order to operate the craft. One can access the cockpit by extendable ladders on either side of the craft. The cockpit similarly features an external computer panel on either side which can be used to input a security code to open or close the cockpit. Technicians can use the computer panels to run software and hardware diagnostics in conjunction with an Isolated Computer Pad or similar device.

Main Computer

Ke-V9-E3300 Compact Integrated Electronics System

The Nodachi comes equipped with a variation of the Compact Integrated Electronics System (CIES) for its main computer hardware. The CIES has a full suite of sensors and communications devices, which are used as auxiliaries to the Nodachi's Unified Sensor Array / Ansible. Whilst not truly sentient, the CIES is an intelligent, intuitive and powerful interactive computer that is fully capable of operating the Nodachi's full array of systems, defensive devices and weaponry independently in order to aid pilots.

Ke-V9-E3300 Compact Integrated Electronics System

Communications / Sensors

The Ke-V9 is equipped with state-of-the-art communications and sensor packages:

Ke-V9-E3301 Unified Tactical Sensor Array / FTL Ansible

The Nodachi has a Ke-V9-E3301 Unified Tactical Sensor Array / FTL Ansible integrated into the main hull which expands upon the sensor and communication capabilities of the fighters Ke-V9-E3300 Compact Integrated Electronics System.

Ke-V9-E3301 Unified Tactical Sensor Array / FTL Ansible

Life Support

The Ke-V9 has systems to support pilots in extreme environments:

Ke-V9-V3300 Life Support System

The Nodachi is equipped with the Ke-V9-V3300 Life Support System which provides simulated gravity, a breathable atmosphere for the fighter's occupants, and provides protection against inertial forces during extreme acceleration.


The Ke-V9 is powered by Aether.

Ke-V9-G3300 Aether Reactor Module

The Nodachi is equipped with the Ke-V9-G3300 Aether Reactor Module which provides primary power for the ships hardware and raw aether for its weapons and sub-light drive systems.


The Ke-V9 is outfitted with propulsion systems for sublight, maneuvering, and FTL travel:

Ke-V9-P3300 Turbo Aether Plasma Drives

The Nodachi has three integrated Ke-V9-P3300 Turbo Aether Plasma Drives for atmospheric and sub-light transit.

Ke-V9-P3301 Ion Maneuvering Thrusters

The Nodachi has Ke-V9-P3301 Ion Maneuvering Thrusters to provide yaw, pitch and roll control in space. They are located in the nose, the wings and fuselage.

Ke-V9-P3302 Hyperspace Fold Drive

The Nodachi has a Ke-V9-P3302 Hyperspace Fold Drive which provides Hyperspace Travel capability and allows the ship to cross interstellar distances in a matter of hours or minutes. The design of the Ke-V9-P3302 also includes upgrades that provide the capability for repeated micro-jumps within the gravitational influence of a star and adjacent planets without overload, effectively negating the need for the use of a Continuum Distortion Drive for long-distance, intra-system travel across multiple astronomical units of distance. However in order for a fold event to be successfully initiated, it must still be started outside the Hill Sphere of any nearby planetary bodies.


Multiple defensive systems provide exceptional survivability for the Ke-V9:

Ke-V9-S3300 Combined Field System

The Nodachi's variation of the Combined Field System utilizes eight arrays integrated into the port and starboard wings. This system provides distortion shielding to protect the fighter from external sources of harm and negation of local gravitational influence upon the craft in order to perform VTOL atmospheric maneuvers and inertia-less maneuvers in the vacuum of space.

Ke-V9-S3300 Combined Field System

Ke-V9-E3302 Conformal Psionic Signal Control Device

The Nodachi bares a variation of the Psionic Signal Controller, a device commonly utilized upon Star Army of Yamatai vessels as a means of protection against external psionic and telepathic attack.

Ke-V9-W3302 Integrated Aether Flare Launcher

The Nodachi possesses a Ke-V9-W3302 Integrated Aether Flare Launcher sub-system upon the ships stern. The device is designed to defeat thermal targeting by enemy warheads by releasing an intense spray of Aether plasma bolts behind the craft to break a thermal lock on the fighter's engines.

Ke-V9-W3303 Integrated Anti-Radar Chaff Dispenser

The Nodachi possesses a Ke-V9-W3303 Integrated Anti-Radar Chaff Dispenser sub-system upon the ships stern. This subsystem counters radar systems by releasing a cloud of radar reflective material and creating false positives on an enemies sensors. It is also effective on the tracking systems of many forms of warheads.


The Ke-V9 is outfitted with a variety of weapon types, hardpoints, and combat support systems to accomplish its missions:

Ke-V9-W3300 Turbo Aether Cannons

The Nodachi comes equipped with four forward-facing Ke-V9-W3300 Turbo Aether Cannon (Tier 9, Heavy Anti-Mecha), generally operated by the front-seat pilot. These are essentially an extended range variant of the Ke-V8-W3100 Turbo Aether Cannon featured by the Ke-V8 "Kawarime" Fighter.

Ke-V9-W3300 Turbo Aether Cannon

Ke-V9-W3301 Turbo Aether Turrets

The Nodachi comes equipped with six quad-barreled Ke-V9-W3301 Turbo Aether Turret (Tier 6, Heavy Anti-Armor). These are also utilized for protection against enemy warheads, supplementing the Nodachi's defensive countermeasures. Generally these are operated by the Ke-V9-E3300 Compact Integrated Electronics System or the second-seat pilot.

Ke-V9-W3301 Anti-Armor Turret

Ke-V9-W3304 Variable Equipment Mounts

The base of the Nodachi bares six mounts for warheads, weapon pods and other non-standard equipment for use in a variety of mission types.

One of any of the following devices can be installed on each of the equipment mounts:

Ke-V9-W3302 Variable Equipment Mounts

OOC Information

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Star Army Logistics
Supply ClassificationClass B - SMALL CRAFT
First UsedYE 33
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Product Categoriessmall craft
Product Name"Nodachi" Assault Fighter
ManufacturerKetsurui Fleet Yards

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