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Psionic Signal Controller

A psionic signal controller (PSC) is a device designed to cancel psionic attacks. It exists in small personal and large starship-wide formats. It is primarily used by the Star Army of Yamatai and government of the Yamatai Star Empire, though examples may also exist in Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia.


Ketsurui Fleet Yards in YE 25 transitioned from an older device called an Alpha/Delta Wave Neutralizer (ADN) to the Psionic Signal Controller (PSC) based on research by the Star Army Research Administration. This PSC was safe enough to remain active at all times, unlike older “ADN” devices, which had side effects.


The PSC offers psionic and telepathic protection, capable of nullifying most telepathic activity. Psionic Signal Controllers can selectively allow channels to permit secure telepathic operation and to maintain communication even while under psionic attack.

In universe where “magic” is present, the PSC can also negate 'magical' attacks and effects.

Starship Scale

On starships, the field generated by the PSC protects the entire ship, and extends only one meter out past the hull (thus, it will not create an obvious psionic “dead zone”).

Personal Scale

Personal PSC used by Yamatai come in the form of a small cellphone-sized “card” that can be carried on one's person. They may also be built into devices like handheld communicators. In very rare cases, it has been possible for the personal scale device to overload and overheat when subjected to psionic attacks by extremely powerful entities.

OOC Notes

This article was created by Wes circa 2003.

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