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Star Army Vehicles

The Star Army of Yamatai uses a variety of ground vehicles, including tracked, wheeled, and hovering vehicles.

List of Vehicles (By Database)

Product ImagePageSAOY Usage
K-1 Bulldog/Type 41 Main Battle TankActive Use - Replaceable
Hi-CabActive Use - Replaceable
Ocelot Hover carActive Use - Non-Replaceable
Star Army Ke-K3 ForkliftActive Use - Replaceable
Enclosed Surface Terrain VehicleObsolete - Use until exhausted
Type 30 Light Utility TruckActive Use - Replaceable
Type 30 Surface Terrain VehicleActive Use - Replaceable
Cargo STVObsolete - Use until exhausted
Light Surface Terrain Vehicle, Type 42Active Use - Replaceable
utility_truck.jpgOld Standard Utility TruckObsolete - Retired
STV WreckerActive Use - Replaceable
Type 30 Cargo TruckObsolete - Use until exhausted
Type 30 TanketteObsolete - Use until exhausted
Artillery Trailer, STV, Type 31Active Use - Replaceable
Type 31 "Troll" TankActive Use - Replaceable
Yusou Type 33 Grav-APCActive Use - Replaceable
Utility STVActive Use - Replaceable
Zodiac Light Rail SystemActive Use - Replaceable

List of Vehicles (By Namespace)

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