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The Hi-Cab is a large six wheel drive vehicle, which first appeared in YE 33. Designed specifically to carry SSCC's, it is a large, powerful vehicle. It is manufactured by Origin Motors Corporation, a branch of Origin Industries.


  • 6 Wheel Drive
  • Durandium construction
  • Windshield wipers
  • Rear and side view mirrors
  • Five-point safety harnesses
  • Solid axles for stability



The Hi-Cab is a very traditional tractor-trailer, with a large boxy form, and a long hood, the cab is placed up high over the drive train components, and the back end is mostly bare frame and the hitch system. it has mounting points on the roof for lightbars and other accessories, and the back of the cab has a large communications mast sticking up above the roofline.

The Hi-Cab is available in any color one can name or provide a sample for, at no extra cost. Specific color schemes and patterns may also be requested, but may carry an extra charge (around 50-150 KS depending on the complexity)

  • In Star Army Colors:

  • In Tamahagane Colors:

  • In Origin Colors:


The Hi-Cab is a work vehicle for people who need to haul very large amounts of cargo. It is constructed of light Durandium Alloy with transparent Durandium windows, making it fairly tough for its size. All lower sections are water-sealed to keep it from taking on water and damaging the interior. Safety systems include a radio that can be used to call for help, and 5-point harnesses to keep occupants in their seats no matter how crazy the terrain is. The cabin is reached via doors on the side which are hinged directly beneath the windshield and swing forward and outward. Seats are made out of leather, and come in three different colors: brown, tan, and black.


Top speed:80 MPH Range: Limited to land and shallow water. Crew: 1 Driver, 1 passenger. climb/descent: 65% grade


Mass: 4.5 Tons Length: 6.8 Meters Height: 3.4 Meters



The Hi-Cab is powered by a HONEY CRUSH Fusion reactor, which is placed under the hood in front of the cab. The reactor needs to be refueled after a week of continuous operation, but generally lasts around two weeks, because the trucks aren't driven 24 hours a day.

This Reactor powers a massive electric motor, which is placed beneath the cab. This motor is connected to a transmission and a conventional drivetrain, using driveshafts to transmit rotary motion to all three axles, and in turn all the wheels.


The tires are made of Silicone rubber with Durandium belting for strength; the wheels these tires are mounted to are made of polished Durandium.


The Hi-Cab contains a radio system which allows the user to hear any public channel. It also has a handset which allows him to call for help, or communicate with nearby people.

Driver and passenger comfort

The Hi-Cab features power-operated windows, seats, and remote door locks, as well as an air conditioning system that can heat and cool the air, as well as modify the humidity level within the cab.

Cargo and Storage

The Cab of the Hi-Cab has storage under the seats and under the passenger's side dashboard, generally giving it enough space for two duffel bags and some other miscellaneous items.

Cargo is carried in trailers which are usually composed of SSCC's with a hitch and set of wheels attached to them for transportation.

Star Army Variants

The Star Army variant is slightly different than most other variants, having Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical protection via a sealed cabin, which can also support life for up to five days, even in vacuum.

Products & Items Database
Product Categoriesvehicles
Product NameHi-Cab
ManufacturerOrigin Industries
Price (KS)5 ,000.00 KS
Star Army Logistics
Supply ClassificationClass C - VEHICLES AND POWER ARMOR
First UsedYE 33

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