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Standard Starship Cargo Containers

Standard Starship Cargo Containers (aka Standard Starship Shipping Containers) are boxes designed for easy intermodal shipping. They were originally designed for the Star Army of Yamatai but caught on in the civilian market and are now used by every major nation. SSCCs are part of the International Starship and Cargo Standards.

Detail view of SSCC

Standard Starship Cargo Containers are usually made of Durandium Alloy, although some are made of steel or Aluminum. A door with a locking device is located on one end of the box (usually the “width” in the size chart below, although small SSCC containers are available with doors on the sides or the ends). Each box has attachment holes in the corners for lifting. SSCCs are sturdy enough to be moved by forklift, robotic grabbers, or rollers, and can be stacked up to ten boxes tall (20m) even when filled with heavy cargo in 1G conditions.

Standard Starship Shipping Containers are intended for ships to transport internally, but they are not only used on starships; they are also often transported by truck, rail, and watercraft. If cargo is especially large, external containers, Detachable Outer Containers may be more suitable.


Standard Starship Cargo Containers come in five sizes:

Name Length Width Height Notes
SSCC-Small 1m (3.28') 2.5m (8.2') 2m (6.56') Small unit typically used for food or personal gear
SSCC-Medium 5m (16.4') 2.5m (8.2') 2m (6.56') Most common size for smaller ships and warships
SSCC-Large 10m (32.8') 2.5m (8.2') 2m (6.56') A double-length version of the SSCC-Medium; very common
SSCC-XL 15m (49.2') 2.5m (8.2') 3m (9.84') Most common size for large freighters; also used for tractor-trailers; added YE 31
SSCC-Huge 20m (65.62') 5m (16.4') 4m (13.12') Equal to 16 SSCC-Mediums in volume; found on grav-trains; added YE 31

The standard containers are 2 meters tall because 4 meters is a fairly standard deck size on starships. On the Plumeria-class (2D) Medium Gunship, for example, the cargo hold is two decks tall (8 meters); This allows it to theoretically fit 4 containers vertically (although in reality the bay has robotic arms on the ceiling that would prevent the use of some space).

Collapsible Versions

Collapsible versions of the standard containers (sizes Small through Large) have become increasingly common as of late. These SSCCs fold almost flat, for easy storage of empty containers.

  • Folding versions that 'snap' into place and that are on hinges.
  • Slideables. Basically, just pull them up to form the container.
  • Versions that can be disassembled into various flat parts when not in use.


Type Price (new)
SSCC-Small 500 KS
SSCC-Medium 1000 KS
SSCC-Large 2000 KS
SSCC-XL 5,000 KS
SSCC-Huge 10,000 KS

Used SSCCs sell for about half the price of new ones, depending on the condition (like new containers have like-new prices, and damaged or corroded ones are cheaper). Steel containers only cost about 75% as much as Durandium ones and Aluminum ones are even cheaper (50%).

Known Color Schemes

Different nations and organizations use various colors:

  • Green - DION Government/Military Property
  • Solid Gray - Generic Civilian/Unmarked Cargo
  • Solid Red - Mishhuvurthyar
  • White top, red bottom - Ketsurui Clan
  • Star Army Cadet Blue - Star Army of Yamatai (typical)
  • Dark blue top, thin red line, black bottom - Star Army of Yamatai (old pattern)
  • Purple top with gold trim, and black bottom - Yugumo Corporation/Motoyoshi Clan
  • Light blue with white trim - Elysian Celestial Navy
  • Light blue with violet trim - Elysian Senate
  • Red with gold sideways chevron design on 2 sides - Ryu Keiretsu/Ryu-Mizumitsu Clan

OOC Notes

Article by Wes.

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