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Star Army Exchange Program

The Star Army of Yamatai sometimes enters into agreements with other military forces to exchange personnel.

Exchanging soldiers is:

  • in accordance with the Star Army's mission to promote soldier learning
  • part of the Star Army's commitment to being a universal military by increasing interoperability
  • a way to build trust, working relationships, and camaraderie between the Star Army and allied military forces

Nepleslia-Yamatai Exchange Program patch
Pictured above: The original patch for the YSE-DION personnel exchange program.


The Star Army of Yamatai knows that exchange soldiers have to represent the Star Army as a whole and are the face of the Star Army to the host nation; therefore, it is very important that the exchange soldier makes a good impression. For this reason, the Star Army is picky about who they send for exchange.

In order to be eligible, a soldier needs to have be a top performer with a favorable disciplinary record, and possess a positive attitude. They also need to be completely done with training and will need to have at least one or two years left in their remaining enlistment time, depending on the program.


Exchange soldiers are embedded in allied or friendly military units for a period of one or two years. During the exchange, the soldier is expected ro perform all duties as if they were actually in the armed forces to which they are attached. This includes participating in combat. Exchange soldiers must obey the lawful orders, commands, and instructions of personnel of the Host Service senior to them in rank. Disciplinary issues are handled by the home nation, not the host nation. Access to classified material shall be on a need-to-know basis as determined by the Commanding Officer.

Nations with military forces that can exchange soldiers with the Star Army of Yamatai are:

Equipment & Uniforms

Star Army of Yamatai exchange officers bring their standard issue gear with them to their exchange assignment and wear Star Army uniforms, unless specifically requested to wear the uniform of the host nation. The Star Army typically does not provide dress or duty uniforms to exchange soldiers from other nations and expects them to wear their home nation's uniform closest in function (e.g. duty, tactical, working, etc.) as appropriate but may provide field uniforms.

As of YE 44.9, at the Request of the Empress of Yamatai, Her Imperial Majesty Himiko I of Yamatai, the Star Army Exchange Program permits exchange soldiers and officers to be trained in the use of Star Army of Yamatai equipment and to utilize Star Army equipment to participate in missions as necessary. Participating military forces may also choose to provide exchange soldiers with individual equipment and weapons (e.g. power armor) from the host nation's military (e.g. issued weapons, generally not personal weapons). The Star Army can also loan additional equipment to the exchange soldier if necessary.

Notable Examples

Here are some examples of characters who were part of an exchange program with the Star Army:

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