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Star Army Military Police

The Star Army Military Police, also called the kenpeitai (憲兵隊 in Yamataigo), is the Star Army of Yamatai's law enforcement arm. Its primary focus is on enforcement of the Star Army Articles of Military Justice. It also serves as a general police force (focused on crime prevention), a specialized security force (protecting people and property) and section to root out corruption and spies. It also oversees the Star Army's detention operations (both for Star Army prisoners and prisoners of war) and some disciplinary functions.

The Star Army believes that operating with high integrity is the best way to build reputation in the long term. Therefore it is not the job of MPs to attempt to “cover up” problematic happenings.

Important Information


Officer Essentials


The Star Army Military Police is organized into four provost sectors. The Provost Marshal's Office regulates overall liability and policing matters on an Army scale, working closely with and partially composed of members of the Yamatai Department of Justice. It also includes the various military judges that oversee court martials and tribunals. The Special Branch deals with serious internal affairs matters, heinous war crimes, corruption and espionage. The Close Protection Branch provides personal security for high-ranking officers, selected especially from the ranks for combat prowess and morality. General Branch composes the bulk of the Military Police forces, providing an eye in the field, assuring the protection of civilians and that soldiers in the field are lawful.

In YE 39 Chujo Iemochi Feyani was appointed as commander of the corps. After liaising with Star Army Command, the Commander of the Star Army and SAINT, reforms were brought into effect by the new leader. These included the reorganisation of the corps into four departments (originally only consisting of investigators), the renaming of the corps and reallocating of duties.

Star Army Military Police1)
EstablishedUnofficially YE 31, reformed YE 39
Director Chujo Nakatani Takeshi
AllegianceYamatai Star Empire
Subordinate toStar Army of Yamatai
Associated withYamatai Department of Justice
HeadquartersKyoto, Yamatai (Planet)

Provost Marshal's Office

The Provost Marshal's Office (PMO) is the Military Police command and control element (officially a branch in its own right) and is overseen by the Provost Marshal, a Chujo. The Marshal advises the Empress and Taisho of the Star Army on regulatory, law and terrorism matters as well as providing directives to the corps.

The PMO also includes all the military judges. These are all experts trained in military law and regulations. They undergo extensive vetting, training and testing. All of them have to have advanced law degrees that are supported or certified by civilian universities. All military judges are officers, wear the MP uniform, and generally hold a high rank.

Three permanent Offices of the Assistant Marshal exist, each controlled by a Shosho in charge of the PMO's three subordinate branches. Additionally, the Provost Marshal may appoint Associate Marshals as and when needed. These officers are usually Shosho and lead the destruction of terrorist cells, rogue ships and other such duties requiring a Marshal.

A Taisa from the Star Army Special Branch is stationed in the Compliance Office at SAINT's Kyoto headquarters. The Compliance Office's formal duty is to keep the intelligence service's operations within protocol, though this done loosely as to not impede their operations.

PMO's functions are:

  • To assure Star Army Military Police operations are coordinated to the highest standard.
  • To provide the Empress and Taisho of the Star Army with assurance regulations are followed.
  • Prevent the lawful order of the Star Army being subverted.
  • To administer and rule upon matters of military justice.

General Branch

General Branch (GEN) contains the Yamataian Military Police's largest branch and provides traditional policing services to the Star Army of Yamatai. GEN's plethora of officers constantly work to provide their commanders with assurance the members of the Star Army are operating within protocol and are doing nothing to impact the unit's morale, order or readiness. General Branch is led by a Shôshô, who serves as a Assistant Marshal.

The vast majority of GEN's personnel work alongside the soldiers of the Empire, acting much as Infantry with specialised roles depending on their post. Not only do they handle the bulk of offenses within the Star Army and her controlled space, the General Branch also plays a larger role. The Military Police run patrol ships across the Star Army regulated areas of space, with the Yamatai Security Agency handing traffic over to them as they exit stations. They also act as a garrison around Army controlled zones as well as general assets for the Star Army, such as entrance gates for the bases.

In lieu of a satisfactory private security force on Empire colonies or a sufficient Yamatai National Police presence, the General Branch fills these roles to the best of their ability.

GEN's functions are:

  • To provide general policing for the Star Army of Yamatai.
  • To garrison on Star Army bases and general assets for the Star Army.
  • To fight in the field alongside Infantry forces.
  • To act as a temporary police force for developing colonies.
  • To patrol Star Army controlled space for issues of law.
  • To provide commanders in the fleet with responsible advice.
  • To provide security in Star Army facilities.

Close Protection Branch

Bastions of honor, CPS officers are picked from the ranks of soldiers across the Star Army for their incredible dedication to the Star Army and their respect of the chain of command. To qualify as a Close Protection Officer, one must first be NCO grade or higher. Any blemish on an official record immediately rules out the candidate.

Close Protection officers are assigned as personal security for officers Chusa or higher as bodyguards and security advisers. As they are also experienced NCOs, they can offer general advise as well to the officer given their experience. CP is led by a Shôshô, who serves as an Assistant Marshal.

CPS's functions are:

  • To provide command officers with constant personal security.
  • To advise these officers of security matters.
  • To provide on hand advise from an NCO or possibly CO point of view when required.

To become CPS Overseer2) and be responsible for up to 30 CPS and their assigned officers, you must have earned a medal for valor.

Special Investigation Branch

The Special Investigaton Branch (SIB) is the MP bureau charged with the incredibly sensitive regulatory duties of the Star Army. From heinous warcrimes to corruption of senior officers, this division generally works closer with SAINT assets than the other branches. They wear the deep blue of the corps with a black collar and badge to distinguish them. They are selected partially due to their tried and tested ability to find and root out the most evil of people and not turn away from the horrors they see.

The SIB additionally deal in interests of national security arising from inside the Star Army, such as spies, signs of dissent that may lead to mutiny, terrorist activities suspected to be occurring within Star Army controlled space or facilities and similar high level, sensitive scenarios.

If one happens to see such an officer, the likelihood is something incredibly dark is afoot, earning them the nickname “Harbingers”. These officers are selected from the MP officers that have shown aptitude in dealing with such issues within the Star Army, often with civilian experience in policing prior to their time in the Star Army. Hence, many of these officers are implicitly able to deal with civilians with no legal issue regardless of their location. Upon becoming a Special Investigator, the individual is required to swear several oaths before a judge and the Assistant Marshal or figure of similar status.

SIB's functions are:

  • Counter-espionage.
  • To ensure that corruption, espionage and war crimes are prevented and punished at the highest levels.
  • To ensure such events are dealt with professional standard.
  • To lead investigations in matters of national security which involve military and allied forces.

List of Star Army Military Police

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