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Star Army Reserve

The Star Army Reserve is the Star Army of Yamatai's military reserve force of soldiers.

The current commander of the Star Army reserve is Hisae Emiko.


After the end of the Kuvexian War in YE 43, the recovering Star Army began a large scale reorganization of fleets and personnel to switch to a peace-time configuration and to make updates that were not feasible in the midst of conflict. Many of its most experienced soldiers had been killed off forever in the Third Battle Of Nataria or were leaving the Star Army. The Star Army needed a way to retain some of its battle-hardened, combat-tested soldiers while at the same time reducing the costs and size of the Star Army for the sake of efficiency. The solution was to create a new reserve force where soldiers were able to live a civilian life but were still trained and available to call up for action in the event of a major war.

In 3月 YE 43, Hisae Emiko became the first Taisho to take command of the Star Army reserve.


Soldiers in the reserve force are composed of former active duty soldiers who have transferred into the reserve. They train for one weekend a month and are occasionally called up for short training deployments, usually consisting of a couple weeks or a single mission on an active duty starship, before returning home to their civilian life. These training deployments typically occur once a year but soldiers can request additional deployments for increased adventure.

The structure of the Star Army reserve consists of a command component and various regional reserve centers where soldiers report in and conduct their required refresher training. Reserve units typically are equipped with equipment that may be older than that used by their active duty counterparts.

Some occupations in the Star Army are almost always reserve ones such as Star Army Emergency Services, which is typically only activated during emergencies or training events.

Reserve Centers

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