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Star Army Starship Classes

Star Army of Yamatai starships tend to be spear-point shaped and have wings of some sort; their bows usually end in a sharp point or in a double-prong design that is essentially a point with a cutout. They are blue-gray (Periwinkle or Ceil) or two-toned blue-gray and dark gray in coloration and bear the Star Army of Yamatai's “hinomaru” rondel, a red circle with a white border and a stylized power armor profile in the red; this emblem is typically positioned somewhere near the top center. Many starships use a number of standardized turrets positioned around the hull on circular mounting platforms. Modern Yamataian warships typically use glowing teal aether-based engines (some older ones are purple). The primary producer of most Yamataian starships is Ketsurui Fleet Yards.

The Star Army re-evaluates its equipment on a 5-year cycle, and improvements or replacements are made as needed. This list consists only of ships currently used by the Star Army of Yamatai in a significant capacity. It does not include unique, captured, or phased-out items but may contain official notes on which items are still in use but are slated for upgrades or replacement. For equipment no longer in use by the Star Army of Yamatai, see Obsolete Star Army Equipment. Most older ships are scrapped, as their military technology makes them unsuitable for releasing to the public.

Sharie Battleship and Eikan Heavy Cruiser

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The Star Army uses several types of space-based installations. The centerpiece of most Star Army fleets is usually one or more Star Fortresses, which provide a large portion of the logistics and shipbuilding capability for each fleet.


This section lists the current ship classes used by the Star Army of Yamatai.

Capital Ships

Capital ships include most battleships, cruisers, carriers, command ships, and flagships.

Escorts and Gunships

Scouts and Special Operations

Troop Transports

Cargo Ships and Freighters

Colony Ships

Specialized Ships

Starship Systems

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Starship Propulsion

Starship Ordnance

Starship Weapon Systems

Small Craft

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Updated at the end of YE 44
Updated at the end of YE 44.

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