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Orbital Geological Survey Platform

An orbital geological survey platform designed to be a part of the CEP (Colonization and Exploration Package) by Ketsurui Fleet Yards. The OGS Platform is utilized in the accurate collection of geological data from planetary bodies. It serves, when in a network of other OGS Platforms deployed in orbit, as a scanning platform to locate geological formations, key resource collection sites and planetary geological monitoring component. Its sleek powerful design is ideal when personnel resources are stretched to other priorities.


The Orbital Geological Survey Platform entered service in YE 28. They were frequently towed to planets by medium starships like the

In YE 31, the YSS Eucharis deployed OGSPs in orbit of HX-2 II, HX-12 II, and System HX-22.

In YE 32, the YSS Aeon deployed an OGSP in orbit of Veronica and the YSS Eucharis placed on in orbit of HX-5.

In YE 34, the YSS Eucharis deployed an OGSP in orbit of Kazumi1) and UX-11 IX.

In YE 42, something or someone attempted to board the survey platform at HX-5 and its anti-tampering detectors activated its self-destruct system2).


The OGS is also capable of deploying the “MOGS” (Mobile Operational Geological Surveyors) which are effective for terrain, subterranean and underwater geological resource sampling.

  • Government: Yamatai Star Empire and Others
  • Type: Orbital Platform
  • Design: Prototype OGS-X11
  • Manufacturer: Ketsurui Fleet Yards & Star Army Research Administration

Crew: Unmanned, but can support 1-3 maintenance personnel provided activation of life support systems.

  • Length: 50m
  • Width: 20m
  • Height: 25m

Propulsion Systems: 16 KiMT-n2419 Manuv. Thrusters

  • Landing: Not Equipped for Landing
  • Range: Extremely Limited
  • Lifespan: 15 years
  • Refit Cycle: As needed.


Communication Systems: Laser connection to CEP Command Center on surface and can be accessed by laser connection pending proper authorization protocols by vessels in short range.

“MOGS” Storage & Launch Facilities: Located along the longitudinal axis of the OGS are tiny launch tubes capable of deploying the “MOGS” units. (View details about the Mobile Operational Geological Surveyor)

Geological Scanning Suite: The GSS is capable of active scans up to 8000m beneath the planets surface. It uses a combination of electromagnetic, spectrometer and gravimetric scans to actively search for up to 130,000 natural phenomenons and an extensive array of geothermal and geochemical events.

Tamper System: On board computer capable of sensing tampering from unauthorized physical or electronic methods. In the event the system believes it is being compromised the OGS will detonate 4 micro-containments of antimatter located along construct connect points and computer core.

Life Support Systems: Life support systems can be activated remotely from incoming maintenance craft. System can support up to 3 standard personnel at normal atmosphere inside of the systems module for up to 3 days. Water and other emergency supplies are stored within locker in the module. Waste recycling systems are minimal and are relatively unreliable. The Support Systems are designed for short service visits or emergency situations not prolonged use. The system remains in standby mode when personnel are not on board and maintains a less than inhabitable atmosphere.


This view is of the bow, it shows the airlock and the towing points. You can also see the communications stack on the top, and part of the scanning suite on the bottom.

This is the port view, you can see the thruster clusters on this side as well as the towing ports in the bow (extended) and the stern (retracted).

This is the bottom view showing the external components of the Geological scanning suite.

OOC Notes

Created by Andrew in August 20053).

Star Army Logistics
Supply ClassificationClass A - STARSHIPS
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Product Categoriesspace stations
Product NameOrbital Geological Survey Platform
ManufacturerKetsurui Fleet Yards, Star Army Research Administration
Year ReleasedYE 28

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