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Star Army Rikugun

The rikugun (陸軍, りくぐん, Land Army) is the combined planetary forces of the Star Army of Yamatai. These are the units and soldiers that are not part of the fleet, or uchuugun (宇宙軍, Space Army). Although the Rikugun is not considered an independent branch of the Star Army of Yamatai, ever-expanding planetary forces have increasingly asserted their own identity in ways like differences in uniforms.

A Rikugun Nekovalkyrja in a field uniform
Established YE 32
Chief of Rikugun Staff Taisho Mizumitsu Benji
AllegianceYamatai Star Empire
Subordinate toStar Army of Yamatai
HeadquartersKyoto, Yamatai (Planet)
Personnel Strength12,591,000


Founded in YE 32, the Star Army Rikugun was created as the designated planetary forces of the Star Army of Yamatai. The Rikugun's unique identity did not begin to emerge until YE 37 with the creation of the Star Army Field Uniform, Type 37. The culture has since begun to diverse from their ship bound brethren.

In YE 42 a series of reforms were implemented, based on lessons from the Kuvexian War. It is the first such large scale reforms since their founding 10 years prior. Another set of guidelines were issued in YE 45 to further refine the efforts initiated in YE 42.


Headquarters, Rikugun

The Star Army Rikugun differs from the Fleets as a dedicated headquarter has developed. The Headquarters, Rikugun consists of the Chief of Rikugun General Staff, Deputy Chief of Rikugun General Staff (a Chujo), staff officers, and enlisted personnel/Emma Androids supporting the staff officers. It is currently co-located with Star Army Command at Kyoto, Yamatai.

The Rikugun Chief of Staff is responsible for advising the Commander of the Star Army on all matters related to the Rikugun. It is largely an administrative/strategic position, with operational control in the hands of legion commanders and below.

Operating Forces

The basic framework for deploying Rikugun soldiers are the legions. The structure of legions grants them just enough resources to achieve operational independence if required. Unit levels above the legion are largely administrative in nature to help coordinate their actions in accordance with the Commander of the Star Army.

10 permanent Area Armies currently exist as of YE 42. 4 are designated to be forward deployed or share garrison resources. The remaining 6 have ground combatant authority within regions of the empire, jointly working with a fleet area of responsibility. They can of course rotate with forward-deployed Area Armies or on their own should it be required. But during wars, additional Area Armies are fielded using the hundreds of reserve and permanent separate legions.

Current Rikugun Structure

The ten permanent Area Armies are:

  • 1st Area Army (Responsible for defense and operations in the Western Half of the Core Worlds)
  • 2nd Area Army (Responsible for defense and operations in the Bard Cluster)
  • 3rd Area Army (Responsible for defense and operations in the Motoyoshi Colonial Sector)
  • 4th Area Army (Responsible for the defense and operations Eastern half of the Core Worlds)
  • 5th Area Army (Supplements the 2nd Area Army's Area of Responsibility)
  • 6th Area Army (Responsible for the defense and operations in Military Districts and the Saiki Cluster)
  • 7th Area Army (Responsible for the defense and operations on Non-incorporated worlds)
  • 8th Area Army (Designated as Rikugun first responders to the Elysian Celestial Empire)
  • 9th Area Army (Special Tasks such as administration of Reserves, training, etc)
  • 1st Expeditionary Army (Area Army strength, but designed for long-range deployments)

Notable seperate formations are:

Special Type Units

In addition to the regular soldiers of the Rikugun, a number of advanced trained soldiers also are used to enhance the Rikugun and the Star Army of Yamatai as a whole.

  • Rikugun Scouts
  • Rikugun Rangers

Replacement Army Division

The Replacement Army Division (RAD) is the Rikugun component of the Star Army Reserve tasked with training a ready reserve of soldiers to defend the Yamatai Star Empire. Presently 33 Area Armies comprise the division, which rotates active duty status every three months (11 are always training and ready to deploy at any time within the 9th Area Army). They largely consist of Mass Produced Soldiers, but a sizeable portion is civilians that wish to not serve full time.

Bases and Facilities

The following are Star Army Facilities currently operated with the Rikugun or shared with other divisions of the Star Army.

Facility Location Description
Black Sands Test Range Black Sands, Yamatai Testing/Training Area
Central Fleet Depot Central Uesureya, Yamatai Manufacturing & Logistics
Educational Facility 1 Ketsurui no Iori, Yamatai (Planet) Nekovalkyrja Basic Training
Elysian Naval Arsenal Keren III Minor Depot
Fort Asura Asura System Main military starport for Asura III
Fort Garanchou Touketsu, SX-05
Fort Hajime Touketsu, SX-05 Training
Fort Hankou Ronica (Planet), Veronica Training Center; Mayame Officer School
Fort Ingestrie Tatiana Infantry School
Fort Jal Miu I, Miu Spacelane Defense
Fort Kuzuryū HX-2 II Base of Operations for Legion XII
Fort Mevar Mevar Local defense base
Fort Minori Reserve Center Nataria, Nataria Personnel Headquarters
Fort Nozomi Gashmere
Fort Ohara Ohara Planetary Defense Force HQ
Fort Phaeton Phaeton, Murf Frontier Starport in the Bard Cluster
Fort Point Yicuqibu I local defense base
Fort Ready Nataria, Nataria Training Center
Fort Shotou Daichi, Daichi System
Fort Shizuka Valentine
Fort Tokyo Jiyuu System
Fort Victory Reserve Center Kyoto, Yamatai (Planet) Basic Training
Jiyuu Fleet Depot Jiyuu System Eastern Depot
Nataria Fleet Depot Nataria, Nataria Major Depot



Due to being a division of the Star Army of Yamatai responsible for planetary operations, occupations within the Rikugun are limited to what is needed to accomplish their missions. Occupation specializations such as doctors are provided by the rest of the Star Army of Yamatai.

Below are the occupations one can enlist/commission into for the Rikugun:


Combat Support

Service Support


In order to stand out from the rest of the Star Army of Yamatai, the Rikugun has created the following uniforms:


Since its foundation in YE 32, the Rikugun has gradually adopted a different way of thinking compared to other members of the Star Army of Yamatai. Here are some key differences:

  • Rikugun soldiers (especially mass-produced soldiers) prefer the fresh air and solid ground of planets. They can become uneasy within the “comforts” of a starship. Those who cross-train experience this to a lesser degree.
  • Rikugun infantry have a rivalry with ship-bound infantry over who is the true inheritor of the occupation.
  • Rikugun soldiers can be a superstitious lot in an Empire that really isn't religious. The heavy action they experience creates a belief that a number of items or actions are either good luck or bad luck. For example, not eating the mint in the Star Army Field Rations, Type 38 curses you for the day.
  • Rikugun soldiers respect their fellow members in the Star Army of Yamatai, doing what is needed to be done to complete the mission. But they deeply respect other members who are willing to get into the “dirt” with them. These individuals they affectionately call “tenshi”, Yamataigo (邪馬台語) for an angel. The most conscious of soldiers will be careful not to say it around Elysians unless they are the subject of the term.
  • Many Rikugun soldiers secretly admire their “cousins” in the Nepleslian Space Marine Corps and are the most likely to accept a Nepleslian's challenge to fisticuffs.
  • Due to the massive numbers an individual is expected to lead compared to the fleet, the Rikugun has a vastly more regimented lifestyle. There is a great deal of emphasis on delegation of leadership, discipline, and professionalism. Soldiers that don't have jobs beyond combat are often found doing busywork with a Joto Hei leading them. Busywork can range from cutting grass, painting rocks, to actual details that matter (field testing equipment).


Rikugun Standard Issue is given to every member of the Rikugun upon assignment to a unit (existing soldier) or entering initial training. At the unit level, there are a great number of systems shared between the Rikugun and the Uchuugun. But the following at the most common equipment you will see used by the Rikugun.


Aerospace and Aircraft






Robots and Drones


Misc Equipment

Rikugun Organization

Designation Home Commander Manager Soldiers Warships Support Ships Notes
Legion I Yamatai Chujo Nakano Akio Wes 34,000 50 50 Veteran
Legion II Hanako's World Chujo Shuichi Naomi Wes 40,000 50 0
Legion III Daichi Chujo Shingai Taku Nashoba 30,000 0 60
Legion IV Yamatai Chujo Kitano Hiroharu Wes 24,000 50
Legion V Ushobrakflug System Chujo Tetsuya Asaka Wes 24,000 50 Deployed
Legion VI Tsuyosa Chujo Sakamoto Koji Nashoba 30,000 0 60 Forming
Legion VII Tatiana Shosho Ingestrie Clowasti 20,000 Created in YE 34
Legion VIII Yamatai Shosho Xiomara Sorenson 20,000 Created in YE 34
Legion IX Yamatai Shosho Kimberly Kier 20,000 Created in YE 34
Legion X Jiyuu III Shosho Kazuko Gainey Andrew 20,000 Created in YE 34
Legion XI Yamatai Shosho William Coruthers ethereal 20,000 Created in YE 34
Legion XII HX-2 Shosho Ida Mako 5,000 Created in YE 34
Legion XIII Yamatai Shosho Marcus Argentius Andriel 20,000 Created in YE 34
Legion IXX Yamatai Shosho Frank Lopez 20,000 Created in YE 34
Legion XX Yamatai Shosho Amber R. Crest 20,000 Created in YE 34
Legion XXI Yamatai Shosho Roger Whaley 20,000 Created in YE 34
Legions 22-57 Nataria 708,000 100 Nov YE 35-Apr YE 36
Legions 58-237 Nataria 3,608,000 100 18 May YE 35-Jun YE 36
Legions 238-273 Nataria 720,000 Jul YE 36-Oct YE 36
Legions 274-633 Nataria 7,200,000 Nov YE 36-Feb YE 37
Legions 634-1083 Nataria 9,000,000 Mar YE 37-Aug YE 37
Legion 1084 Asura III 20,000 December YE 37
Legion 1085 Asura III 20,000 December YE 37

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