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Type 30 Container Handling Vehicle

The Ke-K4 series Type 30 Container Handling Vehicle (CHV) is a large 4WD ground vehicle designed and manufactured by Ketsurui Zaibatsu for use by the Star Army of Yamatai. It first entered service in YE 30.

The CHV features a forklift on the front, designed for handling Standard Starship Cargo Containers. The right rear of the vehicle features a telescoping crane system for moving cargo to higher levels, while the left rear is equipped with a telescoping/folding set of Reach Stacker grabbers to pick up containers.

The Type 30 CHV shares some internal systems as the Type 30 Cargo Truck.

Star Army Logistics
Supply ClassificationClass C - VEHICLES AND POWER ARMOR
Products & Items Database
Product Categoriesvehicles
Product NameContainer Handling Vehicle
ManufacturerKetsurui Zaibatsu
Year ReleasedYE 30

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