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Star Army Research Administration

The Star Army Research Administration is the Star Army of Yamatai's centralized scientific research, technology development, and space exploration agency. It coordinates and engages scientists across the Star Army of Yamatai as well as civilian contractors. It identifies gaps and potential future developments, as well as encourages the creation of new ideas. It also liaises closely with the Scientific Studies Service (SSS). SARA's motto is “Solving Tomorrow's Problems Today”.

The SARA Logo has a green background


SARA was formed in YE 22.

During YE 29, the headquarters of SARA was located at Hoshi no Iori1) and commanded by Kessaku Anri2).

In YE 31, Shinja Fujita became the commander of SARA. After 10 years of being at the forefront of Star Army technology, things slowed down in the YE 30s to the point SARA gained a reputation for being a bunch of lazy geeks who collect paychecks without really delivering anything of real value. This was due to a lack of new major projects.

In YE 42, Taisho Ketsurui Yui was so frustrated with the lack of activity in SARA that she fired its commander, Chujo Shinja Fujita3). During the same year, Chujo Iemochi Feyani, who reformed the Star Army Military Police, decided to petition Hanako for the opportunity to try her hand at invigorating and renewing SARA. She was subsequently appointed as the new Director, formed the Divisions and brought in the Innovation Awards Scheme which resulted in the Science Award. In YE 46, SARA removed Iemochi Feyani from the position and left the position open, lending to speculation about is next Director and whether the Divisions would continue to be utilized.



It is composed of four Divisions, which consist of Star Army Science Officers and Star Army Engineers with experience in specific areas, though transfers are fluid. These consist of Acquisitions, Research, Development and Testing Divisions. They are each headed by a Taisa. Star Army Science Officers or Star Army Engineers can wear the patch of their Division, which are then displayed on their uniform. All such patches have a colouration of science-green and black. These patches are only allowed to be worn if the individual is formally on a given assignment from the Star Army Research Administration, or if they have received an Innovation Award while wearing a patch, in which case they may wear that patch in perpetuity.

Star Army Research Administration4)
Established YE 22
Allegiance Yamatai Star Empire
Subordinate to Star Army of Yamatai
Headquarters Virginia

Acquisitions Division

The Acquisitions Division works closely with Star Army Logistics and civilian companies to acquire new technologies for the Star Army of Yamatai. They have liaison Star Army Science Officers that constantly monitor and visit civilian companies, to keep a strong working relationship with the civilian sectors. Anything useful that is being produced by the civilian sector that may be of help to the Star Army of Yamatai is given due consideration and guidance for specifications that the Star Army Research Administration would find most beneficial. Depending on whether these specifications are taken onboard, will determine whether Star Army Research Administration gives its recommendation to Star Army Logistics for them to begin monetary and contractual talks.

In this light, they detail specifications for gaps in the Star Army's scientific capabilities and work with Star Army Logistics to give bounties for inventive solutions. These bounties can be filled either from an external product, or one coming from within the Star Army's ranks. They also monitor new inventions that are reported to have been made using Star Army of Yamatai equipment and facilities, or made with its money, or while in its service, as it contractually has claims to such inventions. They also work with Star Army Personnel Command to identify civilian scientists who have potential and would be accepted as Santô Juni.

The Acquisitions patch resembles a brain being lowered into two awaiting hands, which are upturned to receive it.

Research Division

The Research Division is the centralised command for Star Army Science Officers. Every Star Army Science Officer gives reports on their research and exploration results and efforts, if they don't have any current projects, SARA will assign one. They provide assistance in developing ideas, have committees and boards of specialists who can conference over Virtual Collective Experience.

The Research Division's patch resembles a mixing flask with a test tube crossing over it.

Development Division

The Development Division is the manufacturing wing of SARA. It has dedicated facilities for prototyping, test runs and limited runs. As opposed to the mass manufacturing sections of the Star Army of Yamatai, these are directed by SARA as a large amount of alterations and revisions, as well as close supervision, is required. They also liaise with businesses who are in the process of developing products that the Star Army of Yamatai may want to utilise.

The Development Division also houses the centralised R&D command for Star Army Technicians and Star Army Engineers. It provides resources, templates and plans for Engineers to prototype with, as well as assists them with developing their own products. Oftentimes, a Star Army Science Officer may be networked with a Star Army Engineer elsewhere, so they may work on a project together.

The Development Division's patch resembles an assembly table, with a robotic arm leaning over as if to grab something.

Testing Division

The Testing Division is the experimental wing of SARA. Their work includes testing experimental weapons, starfighters, vehicles and other such things. As they go through an extraordinary amount of STs, members are nicknamed “Busters”.

The Testing Division's patch resembles the classic testing dummy circle with four quadrants.

Notable Projects

  • Nekovalkyrja Fleets Project (Fleets with 2,027,500 ships and 5 star fortresses!)
  • PROMETHEUS: Monopole research, particle accelerator
  • REBECCA: Power armor development5)
  • SWEETHEART: Nekovalkyrja competition
  • Bespoke tech for Star Army Intelligence.

Notable SARA Developments

In Process Developments

Notable Personnel

Research Division

Development Division

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