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Takeda Sayako

Takeda Sayako is an player character controlled by Yuuki who appears in appears in general roleplay, Hinomaru Sunrises, and YSS Kōun Plot. She first appeared as an npc in Episode Three of the light novel Excuse Me, But Did You Just Say I Was in Cryogenic Stasis for More than Thirteen Years?, and later in Resolutions Of The Ghost and Hinomaru Sunrises. After becoming sentient and joining the Star Army of Yamatai, she was assigned to the YSS Kōun Plot.

Takeda Sayako
Species & Gender Android, Female
Date of Birth YE 42.1.20
Clan: Motoyoshi Clan
Faction: Yamatai Star Empire
Organization: Star Army of Yamatai
Occupation: Star Army Science Officer
SAoY Rank: Chui
Current Placement: YSS Kōun

Physical Description

As a KAIMON/Ascendant Consort, Takeda Sayako has some degree of control over her appearance, to include changing the color of her skin, hair, and eyes, the length of her hair (and thus her hairstyle). She may also make small changes to her facial features and body proportions by taking in or expelling liquids or gases to inflate or deflate cavities in the Yarvex Foam of her structure. However, she continues to use the appearance shown by the holographic projectors when she occupied a EM-J5 Flying Assistant Robot Series (FARS) chassis: that of a slender, young Yamataian woman with hime-cut black hair, soft brown eyes, and ivory skin. She is always impeccably groomed and dressed, generally always wearing a uniform unless in a situation where fashion or custom dictate otherwise.


Even after attaining full sentience, the EM-J5-M3600 - Emoticon pack's configuration is still very dominant. Acting like the typical Class Representative, she's strict, dedicated, meticulous, disciplined, and more than a little nosy and bossy. She likes to ensure everything is to standard, dotting every 'i' and crossing every 't.' She also possesses a great deal of ambition, and early on it was more often than not on behalf of another, usually her former owner Motoyoshi Tachiko. Over time, that ambition began to extend to her own plans.

Viewing interactions with others more as information gathering exercises than satisfying a social need, she often takes the opportunity to study, or experiment with, their behavior. To her, everything is science– just an informational feed. This is not to say she doesn't find social interactions pleasurable at times, but it's hardly a core drive as it might be with a social species like humans. She does maintain relationships with those she is in contact, but there is an inherent asymmetry involved.

As her personality has developed, she has begun to develop something like contempt for organic species. As she's generally unfailingly polite, even when openly bossing others around or criticizing them, it is rare to see a glimpse of this side of her. However, it does show a bit more often as the feelings deepen.


Takeda Sayako began her existence as a humble EM-J5-1a - FARS SAOY issued to the then-named Takeda Tachiko in early YE 42 while she was in quarters aboard the YSS Eucharis. Tachiko installed a EM-J5-M3600 - Emoticon pack with the “Class Representative (Yamataigo: 学級委員 – Gakkyuiin)” configuration. This particular personality configuration was especially quirky, being very ambitious and driven to help Tachiko succeed. In particular, the assistant drone was essential in handling her owner's luck in the Last Chance Salvage Giveaway, ensuring that the goods were sold at a good price and the proceeds were invested properly. It was the drone, going through Tachiko's collection of recipes and ideas, that led to the creation of Takeda House and Takeda Fleet. Her name comes from Tachiko's attempt to pronounce FARS SAOY phonetically.

After the release of the KAIMON/Ascendant Consort in YE 43, Motoyoshi Tachiko had the FARS's personality module and memory matrix transferred into one of the new bodies. Displaying some contempt for her old form, Takeda Sayako had Tachiko return it to surplus. The immense increase in processing power available to her led to a cascading growth effect. It was not long in her new form before Takeda Sayako attained full sentience and dutifully reported it to her masters. Opting to stay with Yugumo Corporation, she was promoted to a junior executive position, whose primary duty was to oversee the various ventures that Tachiko managed upon her deployment aboard the YSS Mazu.

Soon, she grew frustrated that after becoming sentient, her PANTHEON Module had been deactivated. She felt she could not properly serve a clan or company so intimately connected with the military without it. So, in YE 43, she joined the Star Army of Yamatai1). Initially intending to be a reservist, instead she became excited at the prospect of independence for the first time, and chose to become a Star Army Science Officer in active duty service, leaving the First Expeditionary Fleet behind altogether. She became an officer based on the recommendation of Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko, and was assigned to the First Fleet, becoming the Science Officer of the YSS Kōun2).

While aboard the YSS Kōun, Sayako took point on a First Contact mission with an alien government. She provided plans to replicate her custom telepresence drone, so that she could explore along with them while her main body remained aboard her posted ship.

In YE 45, Sayako was promoted to Chui.

Sayako's Service Record

Official service record for Takeda Sayako

YE 43

YE 44

YE 45

Skills Learned

Takeda Sayako is trained in all Star Army Common Skills, and the occupation-specific skills for being an officer. She is a Star Army Science Officer, and has those occupation-specific skills, and also has downloaded the occupation-specific skill sets for Star Army Technician, Star Army Information Technology, and Star Army Communications Specialist.

Additionally, Takeda Sayako has the following notable skills:


Takeda Sayako is a very competent administrator and secretary. She was originally a Star Army assistant drone and retains all of that programming. She has extensive experience in business communications from her work for Yugumo Corporation, and as Motoyoshi Tachiko's personal assistant. Takeda Sayako is fluent in Trade (language), Yamataigo (邪馬台語), Seraphim, and Lorath.


Takeda Sayako retains all of Motoyoshi Tachiko's recipes, and possesses the skills to recreate them. Due to assisting her former owner with many restaurant ventures such as Takeda House, Tachi's, and Tokyo Brewing Company, she is very familiar with the business of running a restaurant, or chain of restaurants.


Takeda Sayako retains a Consort's default domestic programming. She is very competent at laundry, basic cooking, cleaning, infant care, and other such household tasks.


Takeda Sayako is proficient with the stun pulse weapon in her palms and the FARS Taser implanted in her wrist. Her programming makes her qualified to Yugumo Keisatsu standards with her Yugumo E2 Energy Pistol. She has also been the sparring partner of Motoyoshi Tachiko enough to have a familiarity with a synthesis of various Martial Arts. Her programming was updated use of the FARS Dart Launcher once it was installed.


Takeda Sayako is a repository of Star Army of Yamatai regulations from her programming as a EM-J5-1a - FARS SAOY. She has the same level of knowledge with Yugumo Corporation policies. Additionally, she has fully indexed access to Yamatai Star Empire legal codes.

Maintenance and Repair

As with all Consorts, Takeda Sayako is programmed to be generally “handy” and is a repository of all Yugumo Corporation and many Star Army of Yamatai and other technical manuals. She is skilled with the FARS Arc Cutter integrated into her arm and more or less all basic tools and handheld power tools, and some shop equipment that isn't highly specialized for a specific industry.

Medical and Science

Takeda Sayako is proficient in basic first aid, and can use her built-in defibrillator and the FARS First Aid kit integrated into her arm competently. As she was originally issued to a Star Army Medical specialist, she retains all pertinent programming for that duty. She is knowledgable in the use of the scientific sensors (radiation, biological, chemical) integrated into her sensor suite. After joining the Star Army of Yamatai she was updated to utilize the specimen collecting and fingerprinting forensic modules.

Takeda Sayako's primary Science specialty is Gravimetric Science, analyzing sensor data, but she is knowledgable in all Star Army Science Officer competencies.

Original Spec

Social Connections

Takeda Sayako is connected to:

Inventory & Finance


Takeda Sayako had some of the FARS accessories integrated into her body, and are retracted and not visible when not in use.

Additionally, she has a the functional components of a repurposed, hand-held SachiTech Tech-Scanner and Mineral Scanner built into her left arm along with the rest of the FARS sensors.

FARS Accessories

SAoY Restricted Accessories

After joining the Star Army of Yamatai, Takeda Sayako used the opportunity to have some restricted accessories installed into her EM-J5-1a - FARS SAOY-compatible customized body.

Sayako's Mindy


NBY Account # 20220529310745701198020051025
Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3,000 KS 3,000 KS Enlistment Bonus
3000 KS Total

Takeda Sayako has 3000 KS.

OOC Notes

This character was created by Yuuki on 2022/01/08 10:09. Approval Thread

Special permission to Spaceeye and Madi Harper to play this character in the YSS Kōun Plot. This includes authorization to update this article to reflect events in that plot.

Character Data
Character NameTakeda Sayako
Character OwnerYuuki
Character StatusActive Player Character
Current LocationPort Jiyuu
PlotsYSS Kōun Plot
Approval Thread…
Star Army Personnel Database
SAOY Career StatusActive Duty
SAOY RankChui
SAOY OccupationStar Army Science Officer
SAOY AssignmentYSS Kōun
SAOY Entry YearYE 43
DOR YearYE 45
DOR Month3
It works better with her FARS interface than the newer model, she claims.

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