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EM-J5 Flying Assistant Robot Series (FARS)

Emrys Industries A TC Company

The EM-J5 Series drone is an aid to personnel in a variety of occupations. It became available in YE 36.

About the FARS

The EM-J5 regardless of version share certain attributes. They are compact floating robots, intended to work small with a single person. They are equipped with a communications system that allows them to send and receive audio, visual and text data. In the presence of ambient energy such as a building, ship or vehicle the robots can recharge via induction. The EM-J5 come in various models which are specialized for a specific organization.

The robot has sixteen video/audio pick-ups. These allow the robot to see 360 degrees, and can hear sound from any direction. It can also use triangulation to determine the source of a sound. The robot has a pair of larger visual pickups. These are capable of detecting various wave-lengths of light. The unit has uses a virtual face. This can be displayed by the holo-projector in the front of the robot; or to any linked communications device. The unit comes with a pre-loaded emoticon pack. The operator can download a variety of standard ones, or create their own. These allow the robot to simulate emotions during its interactions with his living counterpart. The emoticon pack contains the visual and auditory data for the robot. The emoticon pack also contains a rudimentary personality according to the pack, and emotion algorithms.

The robot has a light band located along the middle of the sides. The robot can use this to signal non-verbally. For instance it can create a series of moving red dots to signal danger. Or to indicate which direction something is by creating a moving stream of dots moving left or right. On either side of the holo-projector is a high powered LED for low light environments.

As stated the unit can communicate with other devices, normally the robot is synced to a specific one. But it does have the ability to monitor other communications, and in the event that the operator is in danger, it also has a more power mode that serves as a distress beacon.

The unit is capable of accepting up to four accessories. The locations are on the bottom.


The EM-J5 is a round disk with a logo on top, a holographic projector on the front, and a multi-role light bar that runs along the side. There is a retractable antenna on the top, and sixteen audio and video pickups that ring the top and bottom.


Work on the EM-J5 came about from requirements from multiple venues. The various requirements were consolidated and then refined. The final design focused on multiple roles based on accessories. Prototypes went into testing in early YE 36, and full production began in mid YE 36.


SAOY VersionYNP VersionSSS Version TCSF VersionsYSA Versions Public Versions



  • Height: 5.08 cm (2 in)
  • Diameter: 17.78 cm (7 in)


  • Normal:
    • Anti-grav: 0 - 120 kph (75 mph)
      • Acceleration: horizontal 0-10 m/sยฒ, vertical 0-5 m/sยฒ
  • High performance
    • Anti-grav: 0 - 240 kph (150 mph)
      • Acceleration: horizontal 0-20 m/sยฒ, vertical 0-10 m/sยฒ

Note: High performance cuts operating time in half.


These are the standard components of the EM-J5 Series.

Component EM-J5-1a EM-J5-2a EM-J5-3a EM-J5-4a EM-J5-5a EM-J5-6a
EM-J5-G3600 - Power cell S S S S S S
EM-J5-G3601 - Charging system S S S S S S
EM-J5-E3600 - Control system S S S S S S
EM-J5-E3601 - AI S S S S S S
EM-J5-E3602 - Communications (SAOY) R X X X X X
EM-J5-E3603 - Communications S S S S S S
EM-J5-E3604 - Standard sensors S S S S S S
EM-J5-E3605 - Light bar / Holoprojector S S S S S S
EM-J5-P3600 - Grav Lift S S S S S S
EM-J5-A3600 - Body S S S S S S
EM-J5-M3600 - Emoticon pack S S S S S S
EM-J5-E4000 - Adaptive Volumetric O O O O O X
S - Standard O - Optional X - Not available R - SAOY use Only


The following are accessories that can be added to the EM-J5-Series to expand its capability. They attach to one of the four connectors on the bottom. The connectors provide electrical and physical connectivity. The accessories snap lock into them.

Component EM-J5-1a EM-J5-2a EM-J5-3a EM-J5-4a EM-J5-5a EM-J5-6a
EM-J5-M3601 - Arc cutter O O O O O O
EM-J5-M3602 - First aid kit O O O O O O
EM-J5-M3603 - Radiation detector O O O O O O
EM-J5-M3604 - Biological detector O O O O O O
EM-J5-M3605 - Chemical detector O O O O O O
EM-J5-M3606 - Parabolic mic O O O O O O
EM-J5-M3607 - Thermographic imaging O O O O O O
EM-J5-M3608 - Dart launcher R R X X R X
EM-J5-M3609 - Taser module O O O O O O
EM-J5-M3610 - Forensic module 1 R R X X R X
EM-J5-M3611 - Forensic module 2 R R X X R X
EM-J5-M3612 - Electronic lock pick R R X X R X
EM-J5-M3613 - High Definition / 3D camera O O O O O O
EM-J5-M3614 - Light duty arm O O O O O O
O - Optional X - Not available R - Restricted
Accessory pricing: Unit comes with choice of two accessories. Extra accessories cost 125 KS

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