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Yugumo E2 Energy Pistol

Derived from the United Outer Colonies Peacekeeping Forces' Mugen Armories E1 Energy Pistol, this updated version was released in YE 43 after a brief resumption in production of the original model. With a more efficient, more powerful, and lighter-weight battery and emitter, the E2 does not utilize scalar technology in order to remain compliant with restrictions on the use of scalar weaponry outside the military. Instead, it uses the same technology first developed for the KAIMON Ascendant Companion's Energy Pulse Weapon. The E2 is Yugumo Corporation Standard Issue, and available on the civilian market. There is also a stun-mode only version intended for civilian personal use that lacks the lethal and heavy modes, the E2c.

About the E2

After regulations restricted use of scalar weaponry in the Yamatai Star Empire to Star Army of Yamatai use only, Yugumo Corporation's Mugen Armories E1 Energy Pistol needed to be re-engineered to continue production. Using the same frame, with a slightly updated look, and newer, more streamlined components to save weight, the E2 is an evolutionary step, rather than a radical departure.


The E2c is intended for home and personal defence by private citizens as the primary market, with low-threat commercial use such as retail security as a secondary. It is lighter and cheaper, and lacks the lethal firing mode, as well as the heavy stun setting.

Nomenclature Information

  • Year Created: YE 43
  • Manufacturer: Yugumo Corporation
  • Name: Yugumo E2 Energy Pistol
  • Nomenclature: Yu-W1-2A (Yu-W1-2C stun-only variant)
  • Type: Energy
  • Role: Pistol
  • Length: 180mm (≈ 7“)
  • Width: 35mm (≈ 1.3”)
  • Height: 140mm (≈ 5.5“)
  • Weight: 450g (≈ 0.99 lb.), 380g (≈ 0.84 lb.) E2c variant
  • Production: Mass Production


A sleek, ergonomic, mid-sized pistol, the E2 takes many design cues from its predecessor, the Mugen E1, and that weapon's chemical-powered, slug-throwing ancestor, the Sitanin Zbrojovka Model 79. Though sharing the base frame (albeit constructed of different materials), the shapes and lines of the emitter, battery, and grip have been updated and modernized. LED indicators on the top-rear of the unit above the battery display safety status (white armed/off safe), lethal/nonlethal status (blue stun/amber lethal, not present on the E2c), and charge status in both a bar graph and digital shot counter (respecting stun/lethal mode). Removing the grip reveals a small storage area.

Discharge Information

The civilian-marketed E2c variant lacks both the lethal heavy modes.

Stun Mode

  • Muzzle Flash: Small spherical flash of light around emitter the same color as beam
  • Retort: A soft, buzzing pulse as surrounding air is heated and ionized
  • Beam Appearance: Pale Blue Cone, 15º apex
  • Effective Range: 100m
  • Rate of Fire: One pulse per trigger pull
  • Recoil: Negligible

Lethal Mode

  • Muzzle Flash: Small spherical flash of light around emitter the same color as beam, larger for heavy
  • Retort: A loud, crackling pulse as surrounding air is ionized and heated to plasma states
  • Beam Appearance: Bright Blue Beam
  • Effective Range: 300m
  • Rate of Fire: One pulse per trigger pull
  • Recoil: Negligible

Energy Source

The E2 uses the specially-designed BR-E2a battery, developed from the BR-E1a battery used in the E1. Due to advances in battery technology, it is approximately equal to three of the prior generation, much as the YB-28A Triple-Power Magazine is to the BR-28 Series Battery Magazine, while being significantly lighter than its predecessor.

  • BR-E2a battery magazine (20 mm wide, 70 mm tall) – 25 KS
  • Purpose: Tier 0 (Stun), Tier 1 Light Anti-Personnel (Lethal), Tier 2 Medium Anti-Personnel (Heavy)
  • Battery Capacity: 150 shots stun, 60 shots lethal, 30 shots heavy
E2 Damage Quickchart
Mode Purpose
Stun Tier 0
Lethal Tier 1 Light Anti-Personnel
Heavy Tier 2 Medium Anti-Personnel

Weapon Mechanisms

  • Firing Mechanism: One pulse per trigger pull.
    • Curved blade trigger (silver-colored).
  • Loading: Quick-change battery, auxiliary charging port in handle. Charges wirelessly in presence of power field such as aboard ship.
    • Frame-mounted, ambidextrous battery release button. Push in to eject battery.
    • Charging point may be used to charge the unit's battery or power and charge external devices.
  • Mode Selector: Frame-mounted, ambidextrous firing selector. Forward lethal, back non-lethal.
    • Lethal/Heavy output determined by depth of trigger pull with increasing resistance 1.5kg to 2.5kg.
  • Firing Modes: Stun/Lethal/Heavy
  • Safety Mechanism: Frame-mounted, ambidextrous safety switch. Up (white) safe, down (green) fire.
  • Weapon Sight: Removable rear dovetail sight + fore compact light-pipe sight, integral laser sight and flashlight
    • Frame-mounted, underside tactical light/laser button. Once for light/off, twice (quickly) for laser/off.
    • Frame-mounted, underside fingertip scroll, selects IR/Red/Green/Blue/Amber/White/UV flashlight color, depress while scrolling to select IR/Red/Green/Blue/UV laser
    • Flashlight and Laser have auxiliary batteries that provide 6 and 24 hours of runtime, respectively, without relying on the battery magazine



  • Yugumo E2 Energy Pistol: 1000 KS
  • E2c (stun-only variant): 750 KS

Replaceable Parts and Components

The E2 shares many of the same parts in common with its predecessor, with the exception of the emitter/electronics component, updated grips, and higher capacity, more efficient battery. In the case of the battery, the earlier BR-E1a is still functionally compatible, but heavier and with lower (1/3) capacity. The GP-E1 grips grips may be used for the classic look. Although the frame is the same shape, the E2 frame is made of hollow plastoid filled with ADNR.

Model Nomenclature Description Price
BR-E2a Yu-W1-G4300 battery magazine (20 mm wide, 70 mm tall) 25 KS
GP-E2a Yu-W1-M4300 black plastoid/molecure grips 10 KS
BA-E2a Yu-W1-E4300 emitter/electronics component (sealed unit, top half of the pistol) 900 KS
BA-E2c Yu-W1-E4301 stun-only emitter/electronics component (sealed unit, top half of the pistol) 650 KS
LL-E2a Yu-W1-E4302 Multicolor Light and Laser Package 100 KS
LN-E1a Yu-W1-M3001 removable, frame-mounted lanyard loop (located on the bottom of the butt) 5 KS
ST-E1a Yu-W1-M3002 removable rear dovetail sight + fore compact light-pipe sight 10 KS
HL-E1a Yu-W1-M3003 universal belt/thigh holster 10 KS
FM-E2a Yu-W1-F4300 Polymer frame 75 KS

Optional Attachments

Model Nomenclature Description Price
GP-E1a Yu-W1-M3000 black plastic grips 2 KS
GP-E1b Yu-W1-M3003 walnut grips 10 KS

Using the E2

The E2 has a single-action trigger, but is always “cocked.” To fire the weapon, simply switch the safety to “fire” and pull the trigger. The E2 has no automatic- or grenade-fire capability.

To clean the E2, switch the pistol to safe, remove the battery magazine and pull the trigger. The BA-E2a1) will be pushed forward; from there, it can be slid off. To clean the contacts on the bottom of the unit, use the small vial of rubbing alcohol kept in the butt of the gun. Reach it by removing the magazine and twisting the loop 90 degrees to the left.

To store the E1, remove the battery magazine and BA-E2a2), leaving only the frame. Store all three in the same container, after covering the BA-E2a3) with its plastic cap.

OOC Notes

Yuuki created this article on 2021/11/17 09:32 using the Weapon Template.

Products & Items Database
Product Categoriesweapons: pistols
Product NameYugumo E2 Energy Pistol
ManufacturerYugumo Corporation
Year ReleasedYE 43
Price (KS)1 ,000.00 KS
DR v3 maxTier 2
Mass (kg)0.45 kg
or BA-E2c for the stun-only model
2) , 3)
or BA-E2c for the stun-only model

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