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Yugumo Corporation

The Yugumo Corporation is a Major Corporation1) in the Yamatai Star Empire that was established in YE 41.

“Forever in the Evening Clouds”
Yugumo Corporation Standard LogoYugumo Logo, Special Logo 5 Year Anniversary YE 46
Yugumo Corporation
Faction Yamatai Star Empire
Established YE 41
Trade Symbol YU
Founders Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko and Kage Yaichiro
Kaicho(Chairman) Motoyoshi Arisu

History and Background

The Yugumo Corporation was founded on 3日 5月 41年 when Motoyoshi Hanei Kaisha merged with the Sunflower Corporation. It was marked by the reunification of the Motoyoshi Clan, and their return to the Yugumo Cluster.2)3) Their first new product would be the Misha-Class Explorer, and their first venture was the Kikyo Pie Company were both a huge success. When Omnihue and Varihue products were released later that year, the Yugumo Corporation had a product that they would sell licenses for to other Corporations.4)

When the corporation gained the contract with the Star Army of Yamatai to produce ships for the replacement of the First Expeditionary Fleet it paved the way for them to become part of the Star Army Military Industrial Complex.

In YE 42, the Yugumo Corporation designed and launched the Starchaser III-Class Ferry and concurrently restored and improved PAINT to the Yugumo Cluster.5) Part of their continued mission to the former Sunflower Corporation responsibility of colonial management within the region. That same year marked the start of construction on Port Jiyuu, a Ge-H1-7A - Kōdaina Minato-Class Orbital Installation that would be placed in the Jiyuu System.6)

Takeda Fleet would become the first official Yugumo Corporation Fleet that same year. 7)8)9)

In YE 43, the corporation went ahead with plans to rebuild the Tange System which had not been restored after the Second Mishhuvurthyar War.10) This project was the gateway to the successful Ryu Keiretsu And Yugumo Corporation Agreement of YE 4311) It was also when Yugumo Fleetworks was formed and became the official shipbuilding division of the corporation. They also began to form healthy business relationships with the Mining Guild12) and other companies in the Kikyo Sector.

The following year, in YE 44, the company designed and launched the Tanya-Class Expeditionary Heavy Cruiser and began to work on the Colonization Initiative Alliance fleet which would consist of assets from the Star Army of Yamatai, Mining Guild, Iron Company, Ryu Keiretsu as well as their own contributions. The Colonization Initiative Alliance fleet departed the Jiyuu System in YE 45.113) for the Kosuke Sector.

Expansion into New Sectors

In YE 45, the Colonization Initiative Alliance fleet named the Sharie System in the Kosuke Sector as their hub of operations in that sector. Port Jiyuu by default became the corporation's HQ for the new sector as well. Meanwhile, a shuffle of personnel which seen the rise of many members of the younger generation of the Motoyoshi Clan move up the corporate ladder, which included the appointment of the ambitious Motoyoshi Arisu as the new Kaicho(Chairman).14)

Also in YE 45, Yugumo Fleetworks completed construction of the first Tengumo-Class Space Station, Kumo no Kagayaki Station, in the Jiyuu System. The new station would become their corporate headquarters in the Kikyo Sector.

Operational Divisions

The Yugumo Corporation is divided into three operational divisions.

Operational Divisions
Ops Division System Headquarters
Yugumo Corporation Kikyo Operations Jiyuu System Kumo no Kagayaki Station
Yugumo Corporation Kosuke Operations Sharie System Port Jiyuu
Yugumo Nemesis Bastion Operations Siren System Nemesis Bastion

The divisions in the Kikyo Sector and the Kosuke Sector conduct Starship Building and Colonial Management. In the company's bustling shipyards, brilliant engineers and skilled artisans work tirelessly to push the boundaries of starship design and construction. They craft a diverse array of starships, ranging from agile explorer vessels to massive interstellar freighters. Their expertise is honed in providing Yamataians with high-quality products and is renowned for their quality and reliability. The company also has several other business ventures from entertainment to restaurants.

Simultaneously, in both sectors, the division specializes in colonial management. Their experts excel in terraforming, agricultural innovation, infrastructure development, expansion and management of established colonies, and socio-economic planning. Collaborating closely with the Yamatai Department of Colonization. An example of this is their continued management of Tokyo on Jiyuu III.

Shrouded in an enigma of utmost secrecy, the second operational division of the Yugumo Corporation operates from the elusive Nemesis Bastion—an installation known only to a select few. The activities conducted within this classified division are concealed behind layers of stringent security measures.

Nemesis Bastion serves as the epicenter of pioneering research and collaboration with the Star Army of Yamatai, Ketsurui Fleet Yards and Star Army Research Administration. While specific details remain obscured, it is widely speculated that this division conducts advanced research initiatives and forms critical partnerships for the advancement and defense of the corporation and its strategic allies. The exact nature of their work is veiled in secrecy, but it is indisputable that Nemesis Bastion plays a pivotal role in securing the Yugumo Corporation's future.

Brand Divisions

The Yugumo Corporation's products are divided into brand divisions.

Logo Brand Name Type of Products Year Established Catalog
Yugumo Fleetworks Starships, Small Craft, Space Stations YE 43 Live Catalog
KAIMON/Ascendant Electronics, Computers and Integrated Systems YE 44 Coming Soon
Starshield Tools and Other Utility Items YE 45 Live Catalog
OrchidGear Clothing and Personal Gear YE 45 Live Catalog
YTP Entertainment Entertainment Products YE 43 Notable Groups
Komorebi Foods 15) Agricultural Products, Food, Rations YE 43 Products
Yugumo Signature Restaurants, Hotels and Tourism YE 45 List of Establishments
Colonial Sector University System Education YE 44 See Courses
Legacy Products Pre-Corporation Products YE 45 Coming Soon

Facilities and Assets

The Yugumo Corporation Operates the following facilities:

Facility Name Location Type Purpose
Kumo no Kagayaki Station Jiyuu System Tengumo-Class Space Station Kikyo Sector Operational Division HQ
Port Jiyuu Sharie System Ge-H1-7A - Kōdaina Minato-Class Orbital Installation Kosuke Sector Operational Division HQ
Amatsu-Motoyoshi "Port Hachidori" Jiyuu System Ge-H2-1a - Amatsu-Class Spaceport Civilian Space Station and Shipyard
Port Siren Siren System Kodoku-Class Mining and Processing Facility Mining and Processsing Space Station

Keiyo Industrial Locations

Yugumo Corporation facilities in Keiyō City.

Keiyō City Industrial Locations
Hoshi II Production Facility Keiyō City, Shugosha System Factory Propulsion Factory
MIKO Technologies Keiyō City, Shugosha System Factory Electronic Systems Factory
Joint Venture Test Factory Keiyō City, Shugosha System Factory Joint Production with Ketsurui Fleet Yards
Bakemono Refinery Keiyō City, Shugosha System Refinery Processing Facility
Tsuyosa Gas Terminal and Processing Plant Keiyō City, Shugosha System Refinery Processing, Recieving and Storage Facility
Keiyō Polymers and Ceramics Plant Keiyō City, Shugosha System Factory Factory
Juugoya Agrochemical Plant Keiyō City, Shugosha System Factory Chemical Production and Storage

Nemesis Bastion Facilities

Yugumo Corporation facilities at Nemesis Bastion.

Master Product Catalog

The products of the Yugumo Corporation. This is a full catalog of the Yugumo Corporation.

#Year ReleasedProduct ImageNomenclaturePageDescriptionPrice (KS)Product Brand
1YE 40Type 40SSCC-XL Living ComplexPrefabricated Buildings392 ,400.00 KSYugumo Legacy
2YE 40Type 40SSCC-XL Prefab ModulesModular Units1 ,800.00 KSYugumo Legacy
3YE 45YU-G1-1OrchidGear Gravity BootsGravity Boots designed originally for use with the RHI Type 43 "Megumi" Environmental Skinsuit. The design utilizes layered Kinugoshi-ko and polymer as well as thin Durandium Alloy plates for reinforcement.250.00 KSOrchidGear
4YE 43Type 43Type 43 Yugumo Corporation UniformsYugumo Corporation Uniforms300.00 KSOrchidGear
5YE 44Yu-N16-1AMoon’s NectarA delicious drink made of fermenting apples and honey.5.00 KSYugumo Signature
6YE 43Type 43Star Army Medication Anti-RadiationStar Army Anti-Radiation Medication30.00 KSKomorebi Foods
7YE 32Type 45Star Army Emergency Ration PillEmergency Ration Pills for the Star Army and Citizens of the Yamatai Star Empire.30.00 KS
8YE 45YU-N17-1AKomorebi Foods Individual Sustainment Field Ration10.00 KSKomorebi Foods
9YE 40Type 40Star Army Bunk Bed, Type 40A bunk bed for the Star Army of Yamatai330.00 KSYugumo Legacy
10YE 39Type 39Star Army Fabrication Chamber, Type 39Fabrication Chamber for the Star Army of Yamatai.60 ,000.00 KSYugumo Legacy
11YE 39Type 39Kiosk Console LineKiosk Line for Project ThoughtProject Thought
12YE 39Type 39Zero-Gravity Kiosk Console, Type 39A Zero Gravity Console, Connected the Project Thought.Project Thought
13YE 42Type 42Shiori Style Standard ArmoryA standard starship armoryYugumo Fleetworks
14YE 45Type 45Yugumo Standard BridgeYugumo Standard Bridge describes the Yugumo Fleetworks standardized stations and components in bridge design for the Yugumo Corporation. While each class of ship tends to have its own unique bridge design these are the common things found on the bridge as of YE 45.Yugumo Fleetworks
15YE 45Type 45Yugumo Standard Combined Launch BayThe Combined Launch Bay is a vital and well-organized section of a Yugumo Fleetworks designs, It facilitates the deployment and retrieval of various small craft, drones, and equipment, including power armor like the Yoru no Tenshi 'Tenshi II' Light Mechanized Power Armor. The launch bay is generally strategically located within the vessel, typically toward the aft and/or ventral positions for ease of access and operational efficiency.Yugumo Fleetworks
16YE 45Type 45Yugumo Standard Fabrication and Factory AreasThe factory and fabrication area on a Yugumo Fleetworks vessel is a crucial facility where various manufacturing and assembly processes take place to produce and maintain components, equipment, and systems necessary for the functioning of the ship. This area is often a hub of activity, combining technology and skilled Engine Rating Crew and Engine Officers to ensure the ship remains operational, efficient, and adaptable during long journeys through the Kagami Galaxy.Yugumo Fleetworks
17YE 45Type 45Yugumo Standard Interior Transportation SystemsThe standard shipboard and space station transit systems for the Yugumo Corporation. Introduced in YE 45. Includes Passageways, Lifts and Light Rail Transit.Yugumo Fleetworks
18YE 45Type 45Yugumo Standard Laundry FacilityYugumo Standard Laundry Facility is a starship interior developed by the Yugumo Corporation in YE 45.Yugumo Fleetworks
19YE 45Type 45Yugumo Standard Licensed Crew QuartersThe Yugumo Licensed Crew Quarters are a starship interior developed by the Yugumo Corporation in YE 45.Yugumo Fleetworks
20YE 45Type 45Yugumo Standard Modular Crew Entertainment LoungeA modular compartment devoted to crew entertainment. It is a starship interior developed by the Yugumo Corporation in YE 45.Yugumo Fleetworks
21YE 45Type 45Yugumo Standard Rated Crew BunkroomThe Yugumo Rated Crew Bunkrooms are a starship interior developed by the Yugumo Corporation in YE 45.Yugumo Fleetworks
22YE 45Type 45Yugumo Standard Rated Crew Showers and BathhouseYugumo Standard Rated Crew Showers and Bathhouse is a starship interior developed by the Yugumo Corporation in YE 45.Yugumo Fleetworks
23YE 45Type 45Yugumo Standard Shipmaster's CabinThe Yugumo Shipmaster's Cabin is a starship interior developed by the Yugumo Corporation in YE 45.Yugumo Fleetworks
24YE 45Type 45Yugumo Standard WardroomYugumo Standard Wardroom is a starship interior developed by the Yugumo Corporation in YE 45.Yugumo Fleetworks
25YE 45Type 45Yugumo Celestial OasisThe Celestial Oasis is a breathtakingly beautiful aquatic paradise, its design seamlessly merging advanced technology with natural aesthetics. The pool itself is vast, stretching over several levels of the station, accessible from a moon pool. The water's hue shifts between mesmerizing shades of deep azure and cosmic indigo, mimicking the ever-changing colors of the universe outside the station's windows. Fiber-optic stars are embedded in the ceiling, creating a celestial panorama that seems to extend into infinity.Yugumo Fleetworks
26YE 42Yu-Y1-M4200Misha-Class BridgeAn advanced 6+1 starship bridgeYugumo Fleetworks
27YE 45Type 45Yugumo Harmony of Paper and StarsThe Origami Observatory is a breathtaking and unique space within the Tengumo-Class Space Station, designed to celebrate the art of origami in a modern manner.Yugumo Fleetworks
28YE 45Type 45Yugumo Nohscape OdysseyThe Nohscape Odyssey is a Noh Theatre developed by the Yugumo Corporation in YE 45 for the Tengumo-Class Space Station.Yugumo Fleetworks
29YE 45Type 45Yugumo Sakura Serenity HavenThe Sakura Serenity Haven is a breathtaking and tranquil oasis within the Tengumo-Class Space Station. This exquisite space has been meticulously designed to replicate the serene beauty of a traditional Yamataian garden, complete with cherry blossom trees (sakura) that are in full bloom several times a year due to a carefully managed environment.Yugumo Fleetworks
30YE 45Type 45Yugumo NBY Banking BoothThe Yugumo NBY Banking Booth connects to the National Bank of Yamatai through KAIMON's SYNC/PANTHEON connection module. It became active in YE 45.Yugumo Financial
31YE 45Type 45Yugumo Standard Adaptive Gravity GymThe Yugumo Standard Adaptive Gravity Gym is a starship interior developed by the Yugumo Corporation in YE 45.Yugumo Fleetworks
32YE 42Type 42Yugumo Standard Anthroform Drone BerthBerth for Drones and Subsentient Android Crew500.00 KSYugumo Fleetworks
33YE 45Type 45Yugumo Standard ArmoryThe Yugumo Standard Armory is a secure and highly specialized compartment or area within a spaceship designed for the storage, maintenance, and distribution of various weapons and related equipment. It serves as a crucial component of a starship's defensive and offensive capabilities, ensuring the crew has access to the necessary tools to protect the ship, engage in combat, or defend against potential threats during their interstellar journeys. Armory compartments are sold empty to non-Yamatai Star Empire clients unless special agreements state otherwise.Yugumo Fleetworks
34YE 45Type 45Yugumo Standard Cargo BayThe Yugumo Standard Cargo Bay is a crucial and versatile space designed to store and transport various goods, equipment, and supplies across the vast expanse of the Kagami Galaxy. It serves as the logistical heart of the starship or space station, ensuring that essential materials and resources are readily available for missions, trade, exploration, and survival in the depths of space. The cargo bay is typically located in the central or lower section of the starship, often near the ship's center of mass for stability.Yugumo Fleetworks
35YE 45Type 45Yugumo Standard Damage Control AlcovesA standard damage control alcove used by the Yugumo Fleetworks that was first produced in YE 44. It was updated in YE 45. They replaced the lockers. Alcove sizes and their inventory vary by ship or base design.Yugumo Fleetworks
36YE 45Type 45Yugumo Standard Dining HallYugumo Standard Dining Hall is a starship interior developed by the Yugumo Corporation in YE 45.Yugumo Fleetworks
37YE 42Type 42Yugumo Standard First Aid LockersA standard first aid lockerYugumo Fleetworks
38YE 45Type 45Yugumo Standard GalleyYugumo Standard Galley is a starship interior developed by the Yugumo Corporation in YE 45.Yugumo Fleetworks
39YE 42Type 42Yugumo Standard Housekeeping ClosetsA standard housekeeping closetYugumo Fleetworks
40YE 45Type 45Yugumo Standard Housekeeping LockersYugumo Standard Housekeeping Lockers on a starship serve as storage spaces dedicated to the organization and maintenance of cleaning supplies, equipment, and tools necessary to keep the ship clean and well-maintained. These lockers are a crucial part of ensuring the health, safety, and overall functionality of the vessel. They are utilized by Support Staff.Yugumo Fleetworks
41Yugumo Standard MagazineA standard magazine for starship weaponsYugumo Fleetworks
42YE 45Type 45Yugumo Standard Medical BayThe Yugumo Standard Medical Bay (Medbay) is a starship interior developed by the Yugumo Corporation in YE 45.Yugumo Fleetworks
43YE 42Type 42Yugumo Standard Survival LockersA standard survival lockerYugumo Fleetworks
44Healer Interior3 ,000 ,000.00 KS
45YE 45AE-G5-1AType 45 Standardized Field Medical KitThe Type 45 Standardized Field Medical Kit is designed to give medical practitioners the tools to operate in away from hospitals800.00 KSWhite Lion
46YE 45AE-G3-1AAdvancer Enterprises Type 45 Vehicle First Aid KitType 45 Vehicle First Aid Kit is a larger kit designed for medics and emergency personnel in mind.225.00 KSWhite Lion
47YE 32Ke-M11-1ACAMIE M11 Construction MechaThe CAMIE M11 is a Construction Mecha that is 20 feet tall and intended for Military and Civilian use alike.6 ,000.00 KSYugumo Legacy
48Type 39Multi-Purpose Nanomachines, Type 39NanomachinesYugumo Legacy
49YE 43YU-01-1AYomawari-Class NavComm BuoyA navigation and communications buoy.12 ,500.00 KSYugumo Fleetworks
50YE 43Midnight InfinityThe Galaxy's Greatest IdolsYTP Entertainment

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