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Nemesis Bastion

A secret subterranean First Expeditionary Fleet Star Army Base located on Siren I, in the Siren System. It was constructed under the direction of Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko by Ketsurui Fleet Yards and Yugumo Corporation.

The Unit Patch

The Unit Patch for Nemesis Bastion.

The Deep Secret

Nemesis Bastion was established in YE 42 during the height of the Kuvexian War. With the establishment of automated mining facilities on the surface of Siren I, the First Expeditionary Fleet has been able to mask the construction and activation of this facility without detection, using local freighter traffic to conceal movements of troops and resources. With the value of the Siren System and its abundant resources, the system is suspected to be a target of the Kuvexian Military.

In YE 41, at the time it was planned, the purpose of Nemesis Bastion was to establish a secret base from which an effective resistance could be launched if the Siren System or Jiyuu System was invaded by the Kuvexian Military. The concept was further expanded to include research and development facilities for the Yugumo Corporation and Ketsurui Fleet Yards. The end result was the construction of a deep subterranean base by the First Expeditionary Fleet.

It took engineers and complex mining equipment, blending their operations with the establishment of automated mining facilities, months to drill out tunnels and caverns for what would become the underground base, an effective military city secretly placed in the underground of the rocky terrestrial world.

The main base is the Kotoku Cathedral, while the Irim and Adlich facilities are considered satellites.

It took a secret team from Star Army Engineering from YE 43 until YE 45 to hollow out the Nemesis Mountain, an area to the northeast of Kotoku Cathedral. This new part of the base was designed for a top-secret power armor facility which included production, launch, and testing facilities hidden within the mountain which would also serve as part of the defenses for the base.

In late YE 44 and early YE 45, the experimental versions of the Yumeoibito Hyperspace Fold Drive for Port Jiyuu were developed here by the Yugumo Corporation.1)2)

Later in YE 45, at the beginning of the Third Mishhuvurthyar War, the base was brought to full readiness and began to prepare for possible use as a stronghold in the event that Yamatai (Planet) or Nataria were destroyed or fell behind a blockade. 3) It would also become the site for research on the Mishhuvurthyar Hemosynthetic Virus Weapon by Dr.Shinichiro Tomoko at the Hemosynthetic Research Labs.4)

The Layout of Nemesis Bastion

The layout of the First Expeditionary Fleet secret base, Nemesis Bastion.

(Diagram for visual purposes. Is not to scale.)

Layout Information
Nemesis Mountain Nemesis Mountain Power Armor Facility
Nemesis North Kotoku Cathedral First Expeditionary Fleet Facilities, Mass Cloning Facilities, Star Army Logistics Supply Depot
Nemesis West Irim Cathedral Ketsurui Fleet Yards Research and Development, Power Armor Testing Facility, Kessaku Systems Research and Development
Nemesis South Adlich Cathedral Yugumo Corporation Research and Development
Transit MagLev Stations Kotoku Cathedral, Irim Cathedral, Adlich Cathedral, Automated Mine X-1 South, Automated X-6 Mine East (Nemesis Fissure Enterance)
Transit X-6 Kotoku Cathedral Irim Cathedral Adlich Cathedral X-1
X-6 0km 83km 138km 153km 300km
Kotoku Cathedral 83km 0km 55km 70km 217km
Irim Cathedral 138km 55km 0km 110km 162km
Adlich Cathedral 153km 70km 110km 0km 327km
X-1 300km 217km 162km 327km 0km

The Use of Natural Formations

The construction of the facilities relied heavily on the natural geological formations of the rocky planet.

The Nemesis Fissure and X-6

The main entrance to the base is through the Nemesis Fissure. A natural volcanic carved deep fracture created in the early eras of the planet's volcanic history. The fissure houses Automated X-6 Mine, called 'X-6' by those stationed in the facility, which has several freight landing zones that have access to a secure tunnel to the Mag-Leve Train System of Nemesis Bastion. The fissure's natural structure provides a perfect medium for hiding defenses and access points.

The Cathedrals

The cathedral caverns were naturally carved by volcanic activity in the geological history of the planet, the engineers of the Star Army of Yamatai merely enhanced an expanded these massive caverns to house the three cathedral facilities of Nemesis Bastion, as well as tunnels for the MagLev trains that provide transport through the base.

X-1 South

To the south of the base is the X-1 Automated Mining Facility, an additional tunnel for MagLev train access for emergency exit procedures was built connecting Nemesis Bastion to the facility which has cargo landing zones for easy extraction.

Expansion Zones

The planet has extensive fractures, underground caverns, tunnels and other structures due to its violent volcanic geological past. These areas make natural defensive locations perfect for the development of future base additions.

Getting Around The Nemesis Bastion

The Nemesis Bastion is a state of the art Star Army Base with advanced transportation systems.


The Cathedral Facilities of the Nemesis Bastion are serviced by armored MagLev trains.

The trains were developed from the scrapped plans that favored traditional trains for use on the Zodiac-Class Star Fortress, with no concerns about gravity disruptions the designs were refreshed and modernized for use in the Nemesis Bastion.

Cruising at 330km/hr during normal operation these trains transport personnel and cargo through the base. In addition to personnel transport cars, there have been flatbed cars added to the trains to assist with the movement of Standard Starship Cargo Containers and other cargo. During emergency or combat conditions the speeds of the trains can be increased to 440km/hr.

The passenger cars are armored with starship-grade Yamataium and are coated with Xiulurium.

Vertical Transport in Cathedrals

Transportation between vertical sections is done by Standard Lifts and cargo lifts.

Kotoku Cathedral

The Kotoku Cathedral Facility is the main sector of the Nemesis Bastion. Commonly referred to as “Nemesis North.”

Kotoku Cathedral
Kotoku A Command and Administration, Officer Residences and Living Areas
Kotoku B Training Facility, Upper Barracks, Upper Logistics Depot, Maglev Stations
Kotoku C Lower Barracks, Mass Cloning Facilities, Lower Logistics Depot, Maglev Stations

Kotoku A

The upper zone of the Kotoku Cathedral.

Command and Administration

The heart of the upper part of this section is devoted to the command and administration of the entire base. It is equipped with a Command Center similar to that found on the Zodiac-Class Star Fortress.

Individual offices, cubical departmental offices, and conference rooms are scattered throughout Kotoku A. A Star Army Flag War room is kept operational and ready for use.

This section also has:

In a secure chamber, the base PANTheon Integrated Electronics System (PANT-IES) is in this section.

Transportation between local decks is done by Standard Lifts.

Officer Residences and Living Areas

The homes and living areas of those who command the Nemesis Bastion are here.

This section has many of the following:

Areas also included:

To be an officer in the Nemesis Bastion is an experience shared by only highly vetted officers. Living deep underground in one of the Star Army of Yamatai's most sophisticated and secret bases is an honor. Officers often have a strong sense of community as they maintain the environment which has been designed on the idea of keeping the secrets of the base and its facilities.

Kotoku B

The second section of the Kotoku Cathedral. Many of the Nekovalkyrja and Minkan found on this base have been created in the Mass Cloning Facilities.

Training Facility

The training facilities include multiple simulators designed to train soldiers on the use of everything from power armor to the different classes of Star Army of Yamatai vessels. The Kyoto War College has remote training available from this base. Extensive Star Army Rikugun training areas have also been constructed in this section.

Other included areas:

Upper Barracks

The upper barracks is a city within a city, Barracks Segments line the decks along with Standard Star Army Galley, Standard Star Army Dining Hall, and all the other facilties required to house, feed and entertain one of the largest soldier depots outside of Nataria.

A Star Army Standard Hospital Center is included in this section.

Upper Logistics Depot

A satellite expansion of the Jiyuu Fleet Depot, managed by Star Army Logistics and the First Expeditionary Fleet. This massive warehouse features stacks of Standard Starship Cargo Containers and has stockpiles of Star Army Equipment, food and water supplies.

Clusters of fabrication chambers work continually to manufacture and provide everything from Star Army Uniforms to Nekovalkyrja Service Pistol, Type 33 for newly produced Nekovalkyrja.

Kotoku C

The third and deepest section of the Kotoku Cathedral at Nemesis Bastion.

Lower Barracks

Even larger than the Upper Barracks, the Lower Barracks features massive clusters of Barracks Segments and service facilities to house, feed and entertain newly created Nekovalkyrja and Minkan.

Mass Cloning Facilities

Nemesis Bastion is an important creation center for new Nekovalkyrja and Minkan, on a smaller scale than Nataria. A Personnel Synthesis Facility and Mass Cloning Facilities are activated on demand, such as when Taisho Yui Ordered the Creation of more Nekovalkyrja and Minkans during the Kuvexian War.

Lower Logistics Depot

The Lower Logistics Depot is even larger than the upper part of the facility. It features a massive warehouse and production facility for Star Army Equipment.

Irim Cathedral

The Irim Cathedral Facility is one of the industrial sectors of the Nemesis Bastion. Commonly referred to as “Nemesis West.”

Irim Cathedral
Irim A Ketsurui Zaibatsu Hemosynthetic Research Labs, Ketsurui Fleet Yards Materials Research, Ketsurui Fleet Yards Advanced Concept Design Office, Ketsurui Fleet Yards Starship System Test Facility
Irim B Yamatai (Planet)-like Enclosed Environment
Irim C Star Army Starship Interiors Design Workshop, Kessaku Systems Research and Development, Irim Cathedral KAMI

Irim A

The upper zone of the Irim Cathedral at Nemesis Bastion.

Hemosynthetic Research Labs

A cluster of laboratories devoted to the expansion of technologies and applications which utilize Nekovalkyrja blood. From expanding the functions of uses for Hemosynthetic Reconstruction Tube, to the enhancement and development of the new Nodal Liquid Conduit System, devoted teams of scientists are constantly at work. This laboratory often coordinates with similar labs on Nataria to develop and test new features for Nekovalkyrja bodies.

KFY Materials Research Labs

Ketsurui Fleet Yards Materials Science Labs is constantly testing and seeking the development of new materials used to build Star Army of Yamatai ships and develop new Star Army Equipment.

The lab is currently focused on improving applications of existing materials such as Zesuaium, Yamataium and Yarvex, while seeking the discovery of new materials and alloys.

KFY Advanced Concept Design Office

The drafting and planning for new or improved versions of existing Star Army Starship Classes happens in the Advanced Concept Design Office. Each design goes through sometimes hundreds of alterations and redesigns and rework phases before it actually moves into production. This office coordinates with the Starship Interiors Workshop in Irim C often to allow for the testing and construction of models for interior designs.

They also work closely with the Starship System Testing facility in the section.

KFY Starship System Testing Facility

An office and laboratory devoted to the continued development and deployment of new and improved Star Army Starship Systems. This section also includes:

Irim B

The second section of the Irim Cathedral at Nemesis Bastion.

Yamatai Environment

The bulk of Irim B is a massive enclosure maintained at the exact conditions of Yamatai (Planet) using advanced Hemosynthetic Applications and Systems developed at Nemesis Bastion. The artificial environment provides living space, parks and recreation areas for Ketsurui Zaibatsu employees and vetted guests visiting Nemesis Bastion. Flora and Fauna are maintained to provide a carefully managed closed ecosystem.

Irim C

The third and deepest section of the Irim Cathedral.

Starship Interiors Design Workshop

The Star Army Starship Interiors Design Workshop is a massive facility with several drafting and design offices, fabrication facilities and workspaces. The bulk of the section is open so that the model Star Army Starship Interiors can be set up and tested for functionality and efficiency. With a goal to improve the living conditions and functionality on all Star Army Starship Classes, the engineerings and scientists that work in this section are constantly trying new ideas and using various prefabricated modules to create starship environments.

Kessaku Electronics Systems Research and Development Facility

The Kessaku Systems Research and Development Facility is devoted to the continued improvements all levels of PANTHEON. They design minor patches, and upgrades and are in the process of developing improved and new systems for the future. The KAMI for the Irim Cathedral is Housed within the facility.

Adlich Cathedral

The Adlich Cathedral Facility is one of the industrial sectors of the Nemesis Bastion. Commonly referred to as “Nemesis South.”

Adlich Cathedral
Adlich A Yugumo Corporation Logistics Research and Development, Yugumo Corporation Materials Research, Yugumo Corporation Advanced Agriculture Lab
Adlich B Jiyuu III Environment
Adlich C Yugumo Corporation Advanced Propulsion Lab, Jiyuu III Genetic Vault

Adlich A

The upper section of the Adlich Cathedral.

YC Logistics Research and Development

The Yugumo Corporation is doing extensive research into the logistics movements of the Kuvexian War. Analysts and Logistics experts have been gathered to be the brains behind the First Expeditionary Fleet's rebuilding and the Expeditionary Fleet Supply Chain Program proposed by Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko. Real-time information is tracked, modified and given to First Expeditionary Fleet and Star Army Logistics.

Suggestions and designs for new Star Army Starship Classes such as the Asuga-Class Tug are made and produced here before being sent to production facilities.

YC Materials Research

Coordinating with the similar Laboratory run by Ketsurui Fleet Yards in the Irim Catherdral, the Material Science experts at the Yugumo Corporation are constantly working toward providing higher grade construction materials and solutions for their contracts with the Star Army of Yamatai.

YC Advanced Agriculture Laboratory

Research on various Space Farming techniques and processes are being done by the Yugumo Corporation in this section of the Nemesis Bastion. Experiments evolve from the lab to the Jiyuu III Environment in Adlich B and are used to grow fresh fruit, vegetables and grains for the base.

In YE 42, research began to develop systems and processes as the Yugumo Corporation proposed replacements for the Nougaku-Class Agriculture Vessel which had been in service since YE 31.

Adlich B

The second level of the Adlich Cathedral.

Jiyuu Environment

Similar to the Yamatai (Planet) environment in the Irim Cathedral, the Jiyuu Environment simulates Jiyuu III. It provides living spaces, parkland and green space to those living and working in the Adlich Cathedral. There is a large Agricultural development run by the Yugumo Corporation where food is grown for the Nemesis Bastion through new and in-testing techniques.

Adlich C

The third and deepest level of the Adlich Cathedral.

YC Advanced Propulsion Lab

Propulsion scientists from Yugumo Corporation conduct research and experiments driven towards the improvement of the Hoshi II Series Turbo Plasma Drives, Mizu II Series Continuum Distortion Drives and the Yumeoibito Hyperspace Fold Drive.

Jiyuu III Genetic Vault

The scientists at the Yugumo Corporation have assembled a massive genetic record and samples of the fauna and flora of Jiyuu III in case the planet experiences a massive natural or catastrophic war disaster like Taiie did. Part Genetic Bank, part Seed Bank the workers at the vault seek to protect the natural life of Jiyuu III.

Nemesis Mountain

Nemesis Mountain is the newest structure of the base. It took Star Army Engineering two years to hollow out the mountain to the northeast of Kotoku Cathedral and expand the three tunnels that would lead to the expansion.

KFY-YC Secret Power Armor Production Facility

A joint effort between Ketsurui Fleet Yards and Yugumo Corporation. This area includes a massive Factory and Universal Hemosynthetic Fabrication System Type 43 infrastructure devoted to the production and testing of Future KFY Power Armors as well as in service models such as the Ke-M2 "Mindy" Series of Power Armor and Yu-M1-2B Series "Molly" Light Mechanized Power Armor. It expanded on what had been previously housed in Irim Cathedral but it included Power Armor Bays concealed on the north face of the mountain for the launch of armors during the unlikely event of the base being found and attacked.

Yamatai Genetic Vault

The new expansion also included the addition of a Genetic Vault and Seed Bank for fauna and flora of Yamatai (Planet), Anisa, and other core worlds of the Yamatai Star Empire. This would allow for the restoration of crops and other ecosystems in the event of a catastrophe.

Systems of The Nemesis Bastion

Notable Systems Common to the Cathedrals of the Nemesis Bastion.

Armored Base Structures

Armored base structures are built similar to Star Army of Yamatai vessels, they use Xiulurium-coated Zesuaium and Yamataium. The windows are made of transparent Zesuaium. All interior passageways and rooms are surrounded by Yarvex sheeting.

Power Plants

Extensive geothermal wells have been dug to take advantage of the raw internal power of the near-star planet, Siren I. Using geothermal sources rather than Aether made the facilities have a lower aether profile on test scans from the immediate Siren System and eliminated long-ranged detection beyond the system boundaries.

Aether generators are kept on the base, in the event the base is detected they can fire up those generators to provide higher power levels. Occasionally aether generators are used to charge capacitor systems for the emergency power network, which involves coordination with Star Army of Yamatai patrols in the region to provide prior reconnaissance.

Life Support

The Nemesis Bastion uses Star Army Standard Life Support Systems to create a well-managed environment to support the population of the base. Water Ice is shipped in from the Akuma Belt on freighters and melted down and purified. The new Nodal Liquid Conduit System also assists with recycling and purification procedures.

Emergency Systems

The Nemesis Bastion is equipped with aa Star Army Standard Starship Emergency Systems, such as heavy-duty Forcefield-Nested Isolation Doors to separate sections, compartments or areas of the facility, this includes the train tunnels if required. In addition Type 41 Blast Shutters have been added in all Standard Passageways.

Similar to all starships Standard Damage Control Station and Star Army Fire Suppression System, Type 32 have been placed in key locations. Several Soul Savior Pod are scattered through the Cathedral Facilities of the Nemesis Bastion.

Integrated Electronics

The Base Cathedral structures have been equipped with the following computing and electronics systems:

These systems include the usual integration with Star Army Standard Communications Array, Psionic Signal Controller and Sensor Systems.


Personnel posted at Nemesis Bastion.


The contact for this base is Katya Siyanov.


Here's an automatic list of all characters currently in this place (based on structured data from their character pages).

On-Base Food and Drink Options

Options for food and drink on this base.

Business Directory
Name Zone Hours of Operation
Restaurants and Cafes
Flavor Of Victory Kotoku Cathedral, Adlich Cathedral 24 Hours
Kikyo Pie Company Kotoku Cathedral, Adlich Cathedral 24 Hours
Meat On A Stick Kotoku Cathedral, Adlich Cathedral 24 Hours
Ramen To Go Kotoku Cathedral, Adlich Cathedral 24 Hours
Sea Of Plenty Kotoku Cathedral, Adlich Cathedral 24 Hours
Tachi's Kotoku Cathedral, Adlich Cathedral 24 Hours
Takeda House Kotoku Cathedral, Adlich Cathedral 0700-0200
Warm and Sweet Kotoku Cathedral, Adlich Cathedral 24 Hours
Tokyo Brewing Company Kotoku Cathedral, Adlich Cathedral 24 Hours
Iga Fancy Fruit Emporium Kotoku Cathedral, Adlich Cathedral 24 Hours
Tokyo Fresh Markets (Grocery) Kotoku Cathedral, Adlich Cathedral 24 Hours

Small Craft and Armor Inventory

The small craft inventory of the base changes over time, but it usually includes:

QTY Class
100 Ke-T10 "Fukuro" Multi-Role Shuttle
Power Armors and Mecha
QTY Class
10,000 Ke-M2-4 Series "Mindy" Armor
10,000 Yu-M1-2B Series "Molly" Light Mechanized Power Armor
8,000 Sylph M4 Light Mecha 5)
200 M19 Ryoko Mecha
Fighters and Bomber
QTY Unit
10 Star Army Fighter Squadron

Orbital Defense Systems

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Star Army Bases & Facilities
LocationSiren I
DescriptionDefense Base
OrganizationFirst Expeditionary Fleet
Contact NameKatya Siyanov
Places of the SARPiverse
Opened/Settled (YE)YE 42
Place Categoriesgovernment facility

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