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Soul Savior Pod

A different type of escape pod, the SSP, regularly saves an encrypted copy of the entire crew's memories and providing the chance that crew members will survive destruction of the ship even if they cannot make it to an escape pod. Only an upper-PANTHEON (such as MEGAMI or KAMI) system can retrieve the data. The pod is heavily armored with Zesuaium, and will self-destruct if tampered with. A Soul Survivor Pod can hold approximately 500 backups.

Size and Appearance

A shiny black egg that is about the width and height of a 50-gallon garbage can like one might see in cafeterias.

Also, the SSP has a bar on one end for someone to loop a rope through to tug it places.


Soul Savior pods can be used by Jihi-Class Medical Ship, and Minori-Class Hospital Ship to resurrect the soldiers recorded. All Star Army of Yamatai Star Fortresses can also access them to resurrect soldiers.

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