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Kessaku Advanced Mentafexal Intelligence


The KAMI Integrated Electronics Suite is Kessaku Systems' package of sensors, computers, and electronic systems designed for the Yuumi, Chiharu, and Takumi. The IES (Pronounced “Ice”) combines WARMS and the TQP-RDD system's remote observation technology with a wide range of sensors and communications, all backed by the famed KAMI Quantum Computer System. The IES system is designed to work as a master system, feeding data to client ships in its secure network.

The K-IES can be divided into several subsystems, which are distributed throughout the ship: The KAMI System Core, which consists of the power management system, processor, and central memory system; the inner layer, which includes the environmental control subsystems, force stabilizer (inertial dampener) control, internal security, unidirectional sensors, and bridge interfaces; and the outer layer, which holds the majority of the ship non-vital electronic systems: the remote detection device, mapping and navigation system, weapons control system, ship defensive systems, omnidirectional Sensors, telepathic communications, translator system, and common control interfaces.


The heart of the ship's electronics suite is an extremely advanced quantum computer, capable of performing nearly endless amounts of data-churning and possessing untold memory. This system is known as the KAMI (Kessaku Advanced Mentafexal Intelligence). KAMI quantum computers, unlike old computers which could only process 1 and 0, can process an effectively infinite range of digits. In addition, the KAMI's sub-particle memory system allows for truly awesome storage and access speeds. Data processing is further assisted by an electro-gravitational temporal distortion field which can increase the processor and memory signal speeds to many times that of light, for use during continuum distortion travel. KAMI computers usually share the name of the ship they are on, and if necessary, can run a battalion of ships on their own. The systems were originally designed by Kessaku Anri for the Star Army Research Administration, and are now built by Kessaku Electronics. The systems are built by KES for use on the Chiharu Flagships and use OS-M, the same programming as the MEGAMI system found on the Yui scout and Sakura Gunship. The processing power of the KAMI systems is about 3 times as much as that of the MEGAMI and can easily outperform the Overlord system found on the Integrated Strike Force Battleship. The KAMI is named after its designer, Kessaku Anri.

The AI-driven system can manifest itself as a hologram on the bridge, or through a synthesized body. The computer room is located in an armored room that is normally inaccessible. Since the KAMI system is involved in nearly all functions of the ship, it is vitally important. Access to the computer room is only available to both the ship's captain and chief technician or Technicians from SARA or KES.

The KAMI systems actively defend themselves. They are very particular about the hows and whys of any visitors to their room, and create their own Nekovalkyrja weapons to maintenance and defend the KAMI. KAMI is compatible with the PANTHEON system. The KAMI can control up to a million sprites at once.



Unidirectional sensors included in the K-IES include variable wide-band imaging clusters, long-range gravimetric and magnetic resonance, distortion, and interferometry sensors and spectrometers, electromagnetic trans-space flux sensors and imaging scanners, quark and gluon density scanners, and spin polarometers. These sensors face the front of the ship and have a range up to fifty light-years.


Omnidirectional sensors of the K-IES include aetheric/quintessential field/differential/particle/wave sensors, scalar field sensors, subspace mass sensors, and unified field mass/energy sensors, neutrino/tachyon sensors, as well as the all-seeing eye of the TQP-RDD. These sensors have a range of 15 light-years. The Integrated Electronics Package is so fast, that the ship can attack faster than many ships can comprehend, doing a faster-than-light drive-by-shooting.

Remote Detection Device (5)

The Transmetaphasic Quantum Particle/wave Remote Detection Device can detect, track, observe mass and/energy by making observations using linked quantum particles. The RDD can track small items if it knows what to look for, but will not see objects with relatively little mass when searching large areas.

There are three levels to scanning: (1) A wide range passive scan, which monitors for unidentified energy objects and mass fluxes among a wide range of dimensions and phases; (2) an active scan. Active scans are used rarely because they can give away the presence (but not location) of a vessel to other ships. The active scan is a high-powered sweep of a particular phase and dimension. (3) a remote scan of a clearly defined area such as an enemy ship. Using the scan, the complete nature of the target can be recorded.

Wave-front Affinity Resonance Monitoring System (1)

WARMS is a monitoring system that is able to detect and calculate the probability wave front of a major quantum events (such as hyperspace folds or firing of main starship weapons) before the events actually occur. It is possible to determine the time, location, duration, power, and type of each via a complex analysis of the wave front by the KAMI. Derived from both the much-maligned PARADOX system developed by the Qel'noran and the TQP-RDD developed by SARA.


The ship is equipped with a multi-channel wide-band array that gives a great deal of both security and versatility. Among the types of communication supported are radio, laser, subspace, and transuniversal quantum relay. Communications can be secured using Quantum Encryption technology, which (due to the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle) allows the system to detect any monitoring attempts and counter them.


Full spectrum, Dual-Modulation, range theoretically unlimited except by interference. Practical range is short, since the waves only travel at light-speed. A K-IES can also jam the spectrum with white noise and intelligent false radio traffic (such as fake missile guidance orders and IFF traffic).


For close-range transmissions, it is more difficult for the enemy to intercept, because they have to be in the area of the beam. Also limited to light-speed.


Allows faster-than-light transmission. A standard means of communication. The KAMI system is especially adept at detecting and decrypting messages sent with this means. The starship can also thoroughly jam FTL communications within a light-year of its position.

Transuniversal Quantum Relay

Delivers a message anywhere, instantly, but precise coordinates of the receiver must be available. Mainly used by KAMI/MEGAMI and relayed through starships. Shields may interfere with TQR transmissions.


Ships with MEGAMI computers include the Type 31 Electronic Warfare Suite.

Fire Control

The KAMI does not use an independent Fire Control System per se, but operates a sub-system of itself dedicated to fire control operations. KAMI compensates for all movement of the ship and of target ships, and can track upwards of a quadrillion targets ranging from pebble-sized shrapnel to planets. KAMI-FCS is a mainly offensive system, and ignores all but the largest incoming missiles, leaving the powerful shields (below) to dispose of the threat. Weapons under KAMI's control automatically: target sensitive areas of enemy ships; identify friendly assets; optimize beam power and range; guide missiles and torpedoes, assign (and reassign, if necessary) targets in real-time; and control ECM, and ECCM functions.

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