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Fifth Fleet

The Star Army of Yamatai's Fifth standard fleet, while originally formed in YE 30, underwent a massive re-organization during YE 34 in order to solidify its mission as an assault fleet, and Yamatai's premier ground-combat force. It is commanded by Taisho Johnathan Whitmoor.

Johnathan F. Whitmoor

Fifth Standard Fleet
Fleet Profile
Commanding Officer Johnathan Whitmoor
Oversight Star Army Command
Mission Profile Planetary Assault
Status Deployed
Current Focus Reorganization
Base of Operations Pisces Station, Albini
Secondary Base N/A
Flagship YSS Amatsuotome
No. of Warships 240
No. of Support Ships 200
No. of Combat Troops 100,000
Manager Kai


The Fifth fleet's mission is to protect, serve, and empower the Yamatai Star Empire by keeping safe the planets through the use of combined arms based on the use of infantry, armor, and air.


The old Fifth Fleet was commanded by Taisho Hoshi Koigokoro and was stationed within Python Sector's Tabidatsu System. Because of this, its symbol is a Python.


The Fifth fleet uses a different unit structure for its ground troops than other Yamataian fleets. Instead of using Centuries and Legions, it uses a more traditional, though somewhat modified military structure to organize and administrate its forces.

Unit Makeup Total
Fireteam 5 Soldiers 5
Squad 2 Fireteams 10
Platoon 5 Squads 50
Company 10 Squads 100
Battalion 10 Companies 1,000
Regiment 5 Battalions 5,000
Division 10 Battalions 10,000
Corps 10 Divisions 100,000

Make up YE 45

Currently 5th Fleet is refitting to meet the requirements laid out by Fifth Fleet Force Structure YE 45.

General Unit Makeup

The Fifth Fleet has one Corps, totaling 100,000 soldiers

The Corps is made up as follows:

Notable Units

First Division

Fourth Company, Second Platoon:


Ships (By Number and Class)

YSS Amatsuotome Amatsuotome Expeditionary Command CruiserFlagship
YSS Glimmergold Izanagi-Class Dreadnought Mobile Starbase
Logistics And Support
Current Total Type
8 8 Minori-Class Hospital Ship
28 160 Courier 2B Star Army Freighter

Starfortresses, Shipyards and Stations

For ships under construction, see: Star Army Starships Under Construction

Infantry Equipment

Power Armors

Weapons (PA)

Weapons (Personnel)

Standard Issue

The Fifth Fleet has good relations with Origin Industries, and many Origin weapons may be requisitioned by soldiers.




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