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Star Army Rifle, Type 33

The Type 33 gauss rifle was designed by Origin Defense Manufacturing in YE 33 for use by the Star Army of Yamatai. Civilian versions are known as the Model 16, for its design number with Origin Industries.

Weapon Specifications

Nomenclature Information

  • Nomenclature: OI-W16-1a,b,c
  • Designer: Rob Robertson III
  • Name: Model 16 (Civilian), Type 33 (SAoY)
  • Type: Gauss Rifle
  • Role: Service Rifle
  • Length: 20(c module) 35(a module) 48(b module) Inches
  • Barrel Length: 16(c module) 31(a module) 44(b module) Inches
  • Mass: 5-12 lbs
  • ROF: 500- 1000 RPM


The Model Sixteen was designed to fit the role of Service rifle for unarmored or lightly armored infantry, specifically with the SAoY in mind, it was made to use the BR-28 Series Battery Magazine as its power source, since the battery magazine is readily available.

Firing Mechanism

The first round is loaded into the action when the magazine is inserted into the magazine well. Further rounds are loaded by the cycling action during firing. Once rounds are loaded into the action, they are pulled forward by the Gauss coils and accelerated until they exit the barrel.

Ammunition Description

Ammunition used by the rifle is 12.7x50mm EM


  • Round: Depleted Uranium Discarding Sabot w/ Incendiary Paste
  • Power: Tier 2, Medium Anti-Personnel(c module) 4(a module) 5(b module)
  • Muzzle Blast: A light flash of white light


  • Round: Plastic High Explosive Squash Head
  • Power: Tier 2, Medium Anti-Personnel(c module) 4(a module) 5(b module)
  • Muzzle Blast: A light flash of white light


  • Round: Composite round with mono-molecular Tipped Nerimium penetrator, explosive charge and incendiary paste
  • Power: Tier 2, Medium Anti-Personnel(c module) 5(a module) Tier 4, Light Anti-Armor (b module)
  • Muzzle Blast: A light flash of white light

Weapon Mechanisms

  • Safety: A button on the right side of the gun's body, near the stock
  • Weapon Sight: Iron sights integrated into carry handle. Handle is also a rail mount which allows scopes to be added to the weapon.
  • Firing mode selector: A switch on the left side of the gun allows the firing mode to be switched.
  • Magazine: The Model 16 uses a 50-round quadruple-stacked box magazine, which also contains a socket for one BR-28 Series Battery Magazine or similar battery. The Battery lasts for one magazine. The Battery is released simply by pressing on it, a spring will push it partway out so it may be easily extracted. Inserting he battery magazine until it clicks locks it into place.
  • Anti-recoil: this Model 16's stock is built to reduce recoil in several ways. First, the Stock and barrel are inline, which reduces barrel play during extended firing. Secondly, the butt of the stock is highly padded, reducing fatigue on the firer. Finally, the Short stock includes a highly tuned coil-and-strut shock absorbing system , which absorbs much of the kick from the rifle, bringing it into easily tolerable levels for humanoids.


Barrel Modules: all barrel modules twist on, then snap into place. once in place, they are then locked down by a latch in the top of the hand guard.

  • A Module The A module is the standard barrel and coil module, which is a 31 inch barrel with appropriately sized coil and shroud. This Barrel Module contains an RFID tag that allows the rifle to fire in 5-round Burst, Automatic, and Semi-Automatic modes when the firing mode selector is switched.
    • Barrel length: 31 Inches
    • Range: 3 KM Effective range, 5 KM maximum range
    • ROF: 750 RPM
    • Muzzle Velocity: 3,500 M/s
    • Recoil: Moderate to heavy

  • B Module The B Module is the Marksman variant barrel and Coil, they are much longer and larger, and take a long time to cycle, but give the gun considerably more stability and range. This barrel Module has an RFID tag that deactivates the burst mode and instructs the gun to reduce its ROF.
    • Barrel Length: 44 inches
    • Range: 5 KM effective range, 8.5 KM maximum range
    • ROF: 500 RPM
    • Muzzle Velocity: 5,000 M/s
    • Recoil: Heavy

  • C Module The C Module essentially turns the Model 16 into a carbine, with much shorter barrel and coils. this module contains an RFID tag that allows for 5-round burst, Automatic, and Semi-automatic fire, as well as instructs the gun to increase its ROF.
    • Barrel length: 16 inches
    • Range: 1 KM effective range, 3 KM maximum range
    • ROF: 1,000 RPM
    • Muzzle Velocity: 2,000 M/s
    • Recoil: Moderate

Barrel Attachments: Only the A and B modules may accept Barrel attachments. The forward Grip has attachment points for various accessories.

  • Bipod: a lightweight bipod can be attached to the front of the forward grip, allowing the gun to be stabilized for more accurate firing.
  • Flashlights: The under-barrel mounts can mount flashlights with the proper adapters.
  • Bayonet: The A module can allow for a bayonet to be affixed.

magazine-integrated crank charger: Within the Magazine is a hand-crank which can be popped out and used to charge the battery. It takes roughly 30 seconds to charge a single shot, so a full magazine recharge takes 25 minutes.

Field Maintenance Procedure: Wipe and clean after every mission, taking care to scrub the barrel and all moving parts. Lubrication is optional.

Scopes: The carry handle has an integrated accessory rail for the attachment of various sights.

  • Standard scope: 15x optical scope - 20 KS
  • Electronic Scope: Digital scope with HUD-link and 25x zoom - 30 KS
  • Marksman Scope: Optical/Digital hybrid scope with HUD-Link, 20x Optical zoom and 25x Digital zoom. Total 500x zoom- 75 KS

Civilian/Officer variant: non-painted metal furniture with wooden grip and fore grip furniture. Optional Scope and Grenade launcher added.


The Model 16 rifle is available for individual purchase, though this may be regulated by the Yamatai Star Empire. All parts and Ammunition are free to the SAoY, and may be requisitioned by SAoY soldiers, as the Type 33 Rifle.


  • Gun (includes 2 50-round Magazines, A module, 2 BR-28 type batteries)- 800 KS.

Replaceable Parts and Components

  • A Module- 50 KS
  • B Module- 75 KS
  • C Module- 20 KS
  • Barrel shroud seal/cover- 5-20 KS
  • Magazine- 45 KS

Additional Ammo

  • - 100 KS/Box (150 rounds)


OOC Information

Created by Kai. Approval thread.

Products & Items Database
Product Categoriesweapons: rifles
Product NameStar Army Rifle, Type 33
ManufacturerOrigin Industries, Ketsurui Zaibatsu
Year ReleasedYE 33
Price (KS)800.00 KS

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