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Standard Light-Armor Grenade Launcher

The Light Armor Service Rifle is a powerful all-around weapon, but it is ineffective against heavily armored targets or multiple lightly armored targets. The LASR-SLAG adds the punch necessary to produce an effective response to those scenarios. The launcher fits above the rifle barrel by removing the front portion of the accessory rail and wrapping around it from below. The magazine is at a steep diagonal angle, to give it the lowest profile possible.

  • Purpose: Anti-personnel, anti-armor.
  • Damage: Medium-heavy.
  • Range: Up to 800 meters (max 1,500 m in atmosphere).
  • Rate of Fire: Semi-automatic.
  • Payload: Three grenades for normal magazines. Six-rounders are available. Common round types are incendiary, shrapnel and airburst.

Detailed Information

Ke-M4-W2902 LASR-SLAG (Standard Light-Armor Grenade launcher)

Designer/Manufacturer: Ketsurui Zaibatsu (Suggested) Price: 6,000 KS

Individual Component Costs:

  • Three-round magazine: 75 KS
  • Five-round magazine: 200 KS
  • Ke-M4-W2901 25×100 mm SLAG-HEI rounds: 500 KS per five rounds
  • Ke-M4-W2901 25×100 mm SLAG-S rounds: 400 KS per five rounds
  • Ke-M4-W2901 25×100 mm SLAG-AB rounds: 600 KS per five rounds
  • Ke-M4-W2901 25×100 mm SLAG-T rounds: 100 KS per five rounds
  • Ke-M4-W2901 25×100 mm SLAG-SLEX rounds: 1,000 KS per five rounds
  • Ke-M4-W2901 25×100 mm SLAG-F rounds: 200 KS per five rounds
  • Ke-M4-W2901 25×100 mm SLAG-G rounds: 100 - 300 KS per five rounds

Nomenclature Information

Type: Over-barrel grenade launcher.

Model: Ke-M4-W2901 SLAG.

Role: Short-range, anti-armor and anti-personnel force multiplier.

Length: 30 cm. Mass: About 2 kg empty, 5 kg loaded with three-round magazine.

Discharge Information

Projection/ammo type: Chemically propelled round. Type varies.

Firing Mechanism: Firing single rounds, the bolt is pulled back using a small cocking lever on the rear right side of the unit and locked into a half-cocked position. A sliding door below the unit follows the bolt back, allowing a round to be loaded. The bolt is then released; the sliding door follows the bolt forward. The round is then ready to fire via pop-down trigger or AIES link. For multiple rounds, the bolt is cocked back and locked. A magazine is inserted into the open portal, then the bolt is released. The casing is flung from a gap on the right side of the weapon.

Note: The bolt can be locked in the forward position. Otherwise, it operates on a simple blowback design.

Caliber: 25×100 mm.

Effective Range 800 meters.

Maximum Range: 1,500 meters.

Muzzle Velocity: 500 m/s.

Muzzle Blast: A blast of light and heat about 8 inches in diameter.

Firing Mode(s) : Semi-automatic.

Recoil: Minimal. The recoil of the LASR is about four times that of the SLAG.

Ammo Description

Name: Ke-M4-W2901 25×100 mm SLAG-HEI, -S, -AB, -T, -SLEX, -F, -G.

Visual Description: A standard-looking cartridge with a colored tip.

Primary ammunition:

  • High-explosive incendiary: Steel round with titanium carbide tip and thermite inside.
  • Shrapnel (brown): Steel round, loaded with an explosive. Designed to explode on impact. Standard issue. Range area is about 10 - 20 meters.
  • Airburst: Steel round, loaded with an explosive. Designed to explode at preset range (requires AIES link). Range area is about 25 meters.
  • Training rounds: Very thin steel round loaded with colored chalk powder.

Specialty ammunition:

  • Stabilized liquid explosive (SLEX): Steel round loaded with stabilized liquid explosive. Round operates similar to the airburst munition, but first vents 20 ml of SLEX into the surrounding atmosphere before an electrical pulse from the round that creates a devastating explosive shockwave and firestorm in its area of effect, which is about 30 meters.
  • Flares (white): Shotgun-like round that fires a magnesium flare into the air. Useful in emergencies, but little practical value in armored squadrons.
  • Gas grenade: Standard gas grenade round capable of being loaded with various gases. Box dictates type of gas. Rarely used, military police units on Yamatai asked to have access to them to replace their tiny stock of specially ordered WickedArms grenades. Some might be found on vessels with a high MP presence.

Stored in a simple box magazine, 10 cm long by 3 cm wide by 11 cm tall (17 cm tall for five-rounder). A counter is fed directly into the armor, as the unit is actively linked to AIES through the LASR.

Ammo: Three to five rounds.

Damage Description: Depends on the round type and target. HEI destroys armored targets by piercing their armor, fragmenting the round and igniting flammable material inside. Shrapnel is essentially a line-clearing round, designed to act like an anti-personnel mine that can be launched. Airburst rounds are better for clusters of targets, where both the shock wave from the round and the fragments are more evenly distributed and more predictable. Training rounds are self-explanitory.

SLEX rounds are best used on unarmored targets, though some scoring and mild damage can be caused to armored targets.

Weapon Mechanisms

Safeties: Weapon does not fire unless the trigger is pulled. There is a firing pin safety.

Fire mode selectors: None.

Weapon sights: AIES provides main sighting abilities, including range, arc and projected damage.

Maintenance Information

Field Maintenance Procedure: The bolt of the unit can be removed by pushing the cocking lever inward and turning the rifle up onto its barrel. The pushed-in cocking lever releases the studs keeping the bolt inside the weapon. From there, the bolt can be broken down without special tools.

Replaceable Parts and components: The bolt is the only real moving component. However, it carries several small parts, including a spring, firing pin, hammer and spur, and so on.

Visual Description

The Standard Light-Armor Grenade launcher is composed of a much lighter alloy than the LASR it attaches to. It is colored the same, however, and looks similar to the grenade launcher on the old GP-12A. The alloy is grey.


The SLAG was designed to attach to the Ke-M4-W2901 Light Armor Service Rifle to add offensive punch to it. The weapon's simplicity is purposeful, as to keep up with the ruggedness of the rifle it's designed to work with.

Star Army Logistics
Supply ClassificationClass G - WEAPONS INDIVIDUAL SMALL ARMS
Products & Items Database
Product Categoriesweapons: grenade launchers
Product NameStandard Light-Armor Grenade Launcher
ManufacturerKetsurui Fleet Yards, Ketsurui Zaibatsu
Year ReleasedYE 29
Price (KS)6 ,000.00 KS
DR v3 maxTier 5

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