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Star Army Reconnaissance

Star Army Reconnaissance, also called the Teisatsu (偵察 in Yamataigo), is the Star Army of Yamatai's guerrilla and rapid response Corps1). Its primary focus is on undetected observation at and behind enemy lines, to serve as a prewarning and on-demand element to assist the main force operations. It serves as a flexible scouting force performing harassment, distraction, sabotage and patrolling around or ahead of a main force. They also provide first response and distributed presence along fronts too wide to scatter the main battle force across.

In YE 43, Star Army Special Operations was formed. Star Army Reconnaissance became the principle member of SASO and in practice Star Army Reconnaissance became the core structure for SASO. While it is still technically a separate but member entity of SASO, in effect Star Army Reconnaissance is an integral and integrated part of SASO and its operations. Most SASO administrative and support staff were prior/current Star Army Reconnaissance staff. Several of the MOS' below are trained by Star Army Reconnaissance and those trainees are transferred to the Star Army Rikugun or Star Army Infantry.

"The Ranger patch features a deep blood red feathered griffin standing atop a hexagonal block, said block frequently replaced with a regimental symbol.  Ringing the emblem, the words 'STAR ARMY RECONNAISSANCE' stands atop the emblem, and the words 'EYES AND EARS' sit at the bottom."
Star Army Reconnissance2)
Established YE 40
Commanding Officer Shôshô Kanachi Hibe
Allegiance Yamatai Star Empire
Subordinate to Star Army Special Operations
Headquarters Jiyuu Fleet Depot, Jiyuu System


In general, Star Army Reconnaissance troops operate with severely reduced supplies due to their nature of being far from the main force and spending extended periods of time in static positions. Speed and non-detection is almost always prioritised over survivability. Recon has a higher fatality rate than many other corps due to the nature of their work, hence providing slow and over-armoured equipment would be inefficient. Their independence from supplies and equipment has made them known at Star Army Logistics as the 'Nomads without Food-packs'.


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Most Recon facilities are mobile structures or based upon ships, due to the fluid nature of the Garrison regiment as to provide support as and when needed for hostile incursions. Additionally, such structured may follow along with a main fleet force to help organise and relay information gathered to the correct channels or provide more rapid instructions to units. There are relatively few dedicated facilities, given Recon are dispersed amongst other fighting forces and are not generally centralised in one place.

There are however, dedicated offices for Recon and the rest of the forces on most Star Army bases, and Reconnaissance Command operates from Jiyuu System when not deployed, or on the cruiser YSS Defacto when operating. The Defacto is a state-of-the-art command ship, camouflaged as an exploration vessel to prevent suspicion, and most of its laboratory decks have been replaced by barracks', armouries, hangars, and weapon bays. Each regiment also has possession of a Plumeria-class (2E) Medium Gunship to operate independently.

Below are some important facilities for Recon:

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although being rougly the size of a Division
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